ASA unhappy about the TV Ad

Online Casino » ASA unhappy about the TV Ad has released an advert that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) had an issue with one of the statements in the ad. The advertising regulator also claims that the man featured in the ad makes gambling look tough. TV ad Disapproval

The TV Ad – Statement

The advert opens with a man wearing a tuxedo sitting at a table in a land-based casino. He is playing the game of blackjack. A narrator describes the emotions that the player is feeling while playing the game. In the narration, there is this statement that ASA has an issue with “He makes his own luck.”

According to ASA, the statement implies that gambling is a game that involves more skill than luck. Intellectual Property Software Ltd (IPS), the owner of, emphasised that blackjack in comparison to other games can be beatable if a player uses the right strategy. While ASA argued that the statement puts more emphasis on the role of using a strategy and how it affects the outcome of the game.

The TV Ad – Toughness

Another issue that the advertising watchdog had with the advert is the toughness the that was portrayed from the man with a tuxedo. According to them can be seen in the body language because he does not move around at all. They believe that this is not appropriate according to the UK gambling advertising rules.

ASA’s Decision

A viewer also complained about the TV ad saying that the ad is not responsible when you look at it from the point of view of gambling addicts. According to the viewer, this is because it speaks to the psychological feeling that gambling addicts enjoy. However, ASA has dismissed this saying that casino games are for entertainment with a component of risk.

The Advertising Standards Authority has told the IPS not to air the TV ad in the current state. You can be able to view the advert here. We are not sure if it will be removed from the internet yet and whether changes will be made to the ad.

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