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5 Reasons Why Some Players Avoid Video Poker

Recently updated on July 20th, 2021

Video poker is a great casino game to play when you have found a game that has a good paytable, and you can use the best strategy. However, there are reasons that some people avoid the game. Unfortunately, these things can’t be changed about the game.

When you play at land-based casinos, finding a good video poker machine won’t be easy. However, when playing online, you will have a lot of options. In this article, we list five reasons why some players avoid playing video poker.

reasons to avoid video poker

1.      Too Many Paytables to Choose

When choosing a video poker game to play, the paytable is what you need to check. It is because it tells you what payouts you can expect from the hands that you make. Some paytables are better than others.

Video poker has many variations, and each has its paytable that is unique to that game. You should check the maximum return from each paytable to know what your returns will be. At land-based casinos, there are hardly any video poker games that have good paytables. You will have to find those at online casinos.

2.      Having Different Strategies

Similar to how each variation has a different table, the games also have different strategies. Since strategies improve your chances of winning, it is always best to know them. However, you have to know the strategy for that specific game well enough. What’s more, some video poker games require more complex strategies while some don’t.

So, if you are interested in playing more than one variation of video poker, you need to have a strategy sheet for all the games you are interested in. When using a strategy, it is always best to do it right or not because that will help your gaming.

3.      Video Poker Bonuses Don’t Help You Win

While playing at online casinos, you will find some casinos offering video poker bonuses. Don’t be so quick to claim them because not all of them are worth going after. For you to find out if video poker is worth it is to check the requirements. Some of the requirements make it so hard that you won’t make money before meeting the requirements.

Some casinos will offer reasonable requirements where you can be able to make money from the bonuses. But even then, it is not guaranteed that you will win. You will have to be playing a game with a good paytable and use a good strategy.

4.      Limited Machines at Land-Based Casinos

More and more and-based casinos have fewer and fewer video poker machines on their casino floor. What’s more, they are only leaving the machines that have terrible returns. This makes it less appealing for players to even wager any money on them.

It has become a challenge for casinos to make money from these machines. Hence, they leave the games with terrible paytables as an attempt to do that. However, that doesn’t seem to be working since players avoid them for that reason. It means that at some point, these casinos will not have the games anymore.

5.      No New Game Releases

Video poker seems to be the only casino game where there are no new games are being released. So, there is hardly anything new to excite players. Most casino games, if not all, always have a new variation being released, and that is why it becomes more exciting to play them.

However, when it comes to video poker, there are always the same games available. Even though there are many variations, at some point, you would have gone through all of them. But you probably won’t even play all of them when you know that some of them don’t have good paytables. However, you can play them for fun without risking any money.

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