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Are Casino Bonuses Worth It?

Recently updated on December 4th, 2023

Yes, casino bonuses are worth it. However, they are only worth it when they have reasonable wagering requirements and terms and conditions. How can you tell if casino bonuses are worth it? This article will help you find out when you should go for a bonus.

Since there are different types of bonuses, you will also need to know whether they are worth claiming. You will also find out what you should look for when searching for a good bonus to claim.

Are Casino Bonuses Worthwile

Understand the Wagering Requirements

All bonuses at casinos come with wagering requirements. However, there are occasions where casinos will offer bonuses without playthrough requirements. To know whether the bonus is worth it, you should read the wagering requirements to ensure you know what is expected of you should you choose to claim the bonus. It is also advisable to read them before you claim a bonus.

Casinos will give playthrough requirements anywhere from 1x up to 50x if not more on casino bonuses. You will have to wager your bonus and the deposit amount to meet the requirements in most cases.

Sometimes a big bonus might be very appealing, but when you check the playthrough requirements, you find them to be unreasonable. Hence, it is important to make sure you check them before you claim a bonus.

Games that Contribute to Bonuses

Casinos always allocate different games to the bonuses that they offer. And obviously, there will also be games that you won’t play using the bonuses. What’s more, the casino games will contribute a certain amount to meeting the wagering requirements.

So, it is also just as important to check the kind of games you can play with the bonuses. Depending on the kind of games you like playing, you can claim the bonuses according to your preference.

Most casinos will allow you to play casino games such as slots, keno, scratch cards, blackjack, video poker and even bingo. These are the most common games that you can use your bonuses on. If you like games such as roulette, baccarat and live dealer games, you will hardly find bonuses for these.

However, some casinos will offer bonuses that allow you to play all the games available at the casino. But there will be terms and conditions that you will have to meet.

How to Tell If Bonuses are Worth It

Just because a bonus is free money, it does not always make it worthwhile. How will you know if it not worth it? Unfortunately, it has to do with math for you to know whether a bonus is worth it or not. The first thing you will have to do is work out the wagering requirements. You will multiply your bonus with the wagering requirements.

In some cases, multiply the bonus and deposit amount as well. This will tell you how much you will have to wager to meet the requirements. Once you get the amount, you will add the game contribution rate.

Here is an example:

You claim a $1000 bonus with wagering requirements of 35x, which means you will have to make wagers worth $35 000. Video poker usually contributes 25%, which you will have to multiply the bonus by giving you a $140 000 playthrough.

But this does not mean that you will be losing that much money. You are just playing it through. If you are lucky, you will win often. You can also calculate how much you stand to lose by multiplying your playthrough amount by the house edge of video poker. Essentially, this means that you stand a chance of losing $664.

If you stand to lose more with the bonus, that is when you can decide not to claim the bonus.

Conclusion: Are Casino Bonuses Worth It?

So, are casino bonuses worth it? Wagering requirements are what help you determine whether the casino bonus is worth it or not. So, a bonus worth it will add more money to your bankroll to enjoy playing casino games. What’s more, the bonus needs to have reasonable wagering requirements. When looking for a bonus, be sure to find a bonus that gives you more value.

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