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Online Baccarat is a casino game that is in favour throughout Canada. In its definition, the game Baccarat is a gambling card game played between a player and banker. For a player to be considered a winner, they have to beat the dealer.A lot of the online casino players love the game because of its simplicity. Online gaming creators saw how traditional Baccarat was in brick and mortar casinos and decided to introduce the game online. And in the 1990s Baccarat was presented to the world online.image of the best online baccarat in canada

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Online Baccarat Card Values

When playing online Baccarat, you have to know all the basics before you start playing, so you will not be left out of the loop in the middle of your gaming session. Let’s take a look at the basics every Canadian online casino player needs to know to become a Baccarat Pro. First, you need to know the different card values. Below is a guide to help you familiarize yourself with this:

  • An ace card is worth 1 point
  • The cards 2 till 9 are worth their face value
  • 10, Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 0 points

image of online baccarat card values for canadian players

Baccarat Game Rules

Each and every casino game has its own set of rules, and Baccarat is no different. However, unlike Blackjack, Baccarat does not have a lot of rules that you must remember as it is easy to play.

In terms of betting, there are three different bets that you can make on the online Baccarat table. You can choose to wager on the player, the tie or the banker. Only one move per hand is allowed.

For you to win the game, you have to possess cards that come close to a nine. You can also win the game if you have what is called a natural hand in the game lingo. When you have a natural hand, it means that your card total is eight or nine.

image of online baccarat rules for canadian players

Playing Online Baccarat

There are new and experienced players in the online casino industry. Online casinos cater for both these kinds of players. If you are new to online gambling, we suggest that you play online Baccarat for free or fun before using real money.

You can also enjoy Baccarat online real money once you have played the game for free as you will have a better understanding of how the game works. With real money gambling, you have to deposit money into your casino account before you can play. You can also take advantage of the casino bonuses that online casinos award to their players.

image of online baccarat options for canadian players

Online Baccarat Variations

What makes playing at an online casino extra fun is that they offer the same variations that you would find at land-based casinos. For instance, online Baccarat has different variations of the game with slight changes in how the game is played. So, you have the option to choose whichever version of Baccarat you would like to play. Here is a list of some of the popular variations of online Baccarat:

Punto Banco

This is the Cuban form of online Baccarat and uses about six to eight decks. The dealer will be responsible for dealing and shuffling the cards. Unfortunately, players are not allowed to decide on the third card. The third card is dealt irrespective of the values of the hands. In the game of Punto Banco, the croupier is the one who announces the winner.

image of the best punto banco online baccarat game in canada

Chemin der Fer

A French version of online Baccarat which uses six decks that only the croupier is allowed to shuffle. You, as the player, will be responsible for dealing the cards and will be referred to as the banker. The cards that are dealt will be placed faced down, and the player who is the banker will decide whether to deal the third card or not.

image of the best chemin de fer online baccarat in canada

Baccarat Banque

The latest addition to the online Baccarat family, Baccarat Banque lets you deal the cards. Basic rules of online baccarat apply on this version of the game. It also uses less decks of cards as compared to the other versions.

image of the best online baccarat banque in canada

Mini Baccarat

This version of Baccarat has only the essentials of the game. The croupier will be responsible for dealing and being the banker. Mini Baccarat caters for players with a minimal playing budget.

image of the best mini online baccarat in canada

Online Baccarat Guidelines

The top-rated casino to play online Baccarat

Always play Baccarat games at an online casino that is safe and regulated. Only the top-rated casinos offer Canadian players the best gaming experiences and Baccarat variations. The casinos also reward players with the best casino bonuses to use when playing casino games.

Try the free play before real money Baccarat

We always suggest that you try playing the free Baccarat games first because it allows you to practice your gaming skills. Once you have improved on your skills, you can then move on to playing for real money.

Choose to wager for the player

If you will be playing using an online Baccarat strategy, betting on the player gives you a chance to win. Only bet on the banker if you won’t be using any of the strategies.

Always read the terms of the game

As exciting as playing online baccarat is, you always have to read the terms and conditions of the game before you start playing. This allows you understand what you are getting yourself into so you can make more informed decisions.

Know the odds of online Baccarat

When you understand and know what the odds are, you have a better chance of knowing what to wager your money on. Also, play this casino game at the best payout online casinos in Canada to make your winnings payout bigger.

Manage your bankroll

Always have a set amount of money that you will be using to play online Baccarat games. Stick to it and never spend what you don’t have. Being a responsible online gambler should be a priority and something that you should always adhere to. This will help you have a better gaming experience.

image of the best online baccarat tips for canadian players

Canadian Online Baccarat FAQs

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