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Last month we had reported about the money laundering that had been happening at British Columbia (BC) Casinos. It seems that River Rock Casino is not the only casino that has been involved in this illegal activity. In a recent report posted by the Vancouver Sun, the BC Casinos accepted money knowing that it was from private lenders.

This further information is still part of the 2016 report done by the Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch (GPEB). In addition, the private lenders were listed under the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) anti-money laundering restrictions list.

Chinese VIP gamblers were the players that were using the money at the casino without declaring where the money was coming from.

money laundering at bc casinos

BC Casinos Involved in the Money Laundering Debacle

The casinos that are listed on the audit are River Rock Casino, Edgewater Casino, and Starlight Casino. Combined they accepted C$6.7 million in C$20 bills from the Chinese VIP gamblers.

River Rock Casino seems to be the local casino with the most money laundering cases. It has been reported that it has knowingly received C$5.37 million of the money that has been flowing in the casinos from banned lenders.

Edge Casino coming in second with only C$700 000 while Starlight Casino had accepted C$690 000.

Further Details on the Report

The purpose of the audit was to find out if any of the banned lenders were gambling. Furthermore, the report says that 47 VIP players were under study who were from the BCLC forbidden list. The gamblers were restricted from buying chips without showing proof of where the money was coming from.

In some cases, at these BC casinos, some players were not allowed to gamble. However, 14 gamblers managed to wager with suspicious chips they came with into the casino.

What will happen to these BC casinos, in this case, is still unclear. However, Laura Piva-Babcock, BCLC spokeswoman, has said that they will do a review and will decide on the direction.

Read about the River Rock money laundering report here.


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