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Benefits of Being High Roller at Local Casinos

High rollers are treated like royalty at casinos, whether they are playing online or at land-based casinos. It is because they spend big money at these casinos, and that’s why casinos make efforts to make them feel special.

This article lists all the benefits that high rollers get when they play at Canadian land-based casinos. If you want to know the benefits of online casino high rollers, read our guide for more.

Benefits for High Rollers

5 Perks for Land-Based High Rollers

1.      Complimentary Food and Drinks

This is a known perk amongst casino players that all high rollers will receive complimentary food and drinks. This is the casino’s way to get you to continue playing without going hungry or getting thirsty. If you keep playing with food and drinks being served, there won’t be any need for you to stop unless you run out of money or choose to stop. Most high rollers also love this perk.

2.      High Roller Tables and Rooms

High rollers will be allocated to rooms or tables that are less crowded, like on the casino floor. These tables and rooms will have a standard buy-in that is way higher than at regular tables. Since the tables will have high buy-ins, the jackpot will also be just as big.

3.      Luxurious Accommodation

One of the other perks that most casino players know about is receiving luxurious and upgraded accommodation. The casino wants to make sure that their valued players stay in comfort. Once the casino notices that a player is spending large amounts of money, their accommodation will be upgraded if they are staying at the casino hotel.

4.      Chauffeur Transportation

The casino will allocate transportation with a designated driver for the duration that the high roller will be at the casino and hotel. In some cases, some casinos will arrange private jets for their players.

5.      Entry to VIP Events

Casino resorts are all about offering their players an overall experience instead of only focusing on gambling. As a result, they will also organize for their high rollers to attend high-end events by purchasing tickets on their behalf. The tickets will be for events that will probably be happening at their resorts or even other places. The events can differ between music concerts, sports games and other events.

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