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Megan McCann is suing the leading sports gambling site Bet365 for denying to pay her the winnings that she made last year in June. 19 years old at the time, she placed a £25 000 bet on 12 separate horse in four various races. She got lucky and won £985 000 from that same bet.

McCann started the process of claiming her winnings. She supplied all the necessary documentation and the consultant that helped her congratulated her and told her it would take 48 hours to clear the request. She received and followed up phone call from another consultant that had questions to ask her, which she answered.

However, when she was due to receive her winnings, the sportsbook told her that she had breached her contract. For that reason, she will not receive her winnings.

Bet365 Unpaid Winnings Lawsuit

Bet365’s Denial to Pay

According to Bet365, as reported by Telegraph, McCann had the help of a third party to be able to place the wager. In their terms and conditions, which are long and vague, you are not allowed to place bets with third-party assistance.

The sports betting site’s representative said that they are conducting investigations into the case to prove further that the winnings cannot be paid out. Because of this Bet365 is adamant that the case will be in their favour.

Megan McCann’sLegal Assistance

Ms. McCann has enlisted the help of a lawyer who has dealt with similar cases in the past. Andrew Montague will be assisting her with the case. Montague won a similar case where the player, Barney Curley, was denied his winnings worth £825 000. The student wants Bet365 to pay her £1 Million for the damages. Her account at the moment is closed at the casino.

One of Many

It seems that this case may be one amongst many because the UK Gambling Commission is reviewing the way online betting sites are treating their players. The Competition and Markets Authority is also investigating other UK sports betting companies for cases similar to Megan McCann’s case.

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