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Online Blackjack is also known as the 21-card game where players in Canada need a hand that is close to 21 to beat the dealer and ultimately the house. In this game of blackjack gamers only play against the dealer and not others gamers.

This gambling card game of Blackjack is most popular amongst Canadian players, and they enjoy playing it in 2017. Even though it has its roots at land-based casinos, the online version has seen an increase with a number of people playing it. It does come as no surprise that the game is also popular all over the world and on the internet.

The game is simple to understand and to play. There are various strategies that players can use to win.

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Online Blackjack Player Choices

Most online casinos have different gaming options that they have for their players. Players are also aware that they can opt to play for fun or real money. So, it comes as no surprise that even online Blackjack has these options.

Players who are well-versed in the game of online blackjack would choose to play the game for real money. They understand how the game works, how to place bets and the different strategies that can help them win the game.

New players would opt for the free play game to test the waters and to understand the game better before they put their money on the line. We highly recommend that new players start with the free game. Even advanced players can still enjoy free blackjack games to help improve their skills.

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Online Blackjack Card Values

Blackjack is played using cards on a table, and the cards don’t have the same value as what is on the card. The cards have different values when they are used on a Blackjack table. The following are the various values for the various cards:

  • King, Queen, and Jacks – value of 10
  • The ace card – value can be 1 or 11
  • The rest of the card retain their value

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The Rules of Online Blackjack in Canada

The rules of the Blackjack are very simple, and once a player understands them, the games become easy to understand and play. Here are the basic rules for playing online Blackjack.

  • Player place a bet
  • The dealer will deal two cards for the player facing up
  • Two cards are dealt again but for the dealer. One facing up and the other down
  • The player has to check their cards to add up the total the cards make then decide whether to stand, split, hit or double down
  • Blackjack game will continue until the player decides to stand or bust. Bust means that the player’s cards have gone over 21. This will be counted as a loss
  • The same applies to the dealer. He/she has to deal cards until he stands at 17 or bust
  • If a player has more points than the dealer and they are less than 21, wins
  • The player will also win if the dealer busts and they don’t

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Online Blackjack Variations

The game of blackjack online has different variations that players can enjoy. Each of the games has their specific rule, but the ones mentioned above are just the basics. Players can enjoy the following variations of online blackjack from different online casinos:

Atlantic City Blackjack

This version of Blackjack was introduced in the town of a similar name in 1976. The game is slightly different to the classic blackjack. It uses eight decks of cards instead of the normal six decks. The payout is at 2:1.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is designed by the leading service provider Microgaming. This variation of Blackjack is popular in Europe for obvious reasons. In European Blackjack, they use the common 52 deck cards.

Classic Blackjack

This form of Blackjack is popular all over the world and is enjoyed online and at land-based casinos. The payout of the classic Blackjacks 3:2.

Double Exposure Blackjack

Double exposure blackjack gets its name from the fact that the dealer has to deal cards face up which makes it transparent. It uses an eight deck and has a payout of 1:1.


Pontoon is another version of the Blackjack game that most players from Asia and the UK enjoy playing. When playing the game, rather than asking for a hit, a player would opt for a twist. The payout 2:1.

Live Blackjack

This version of Blackjack allows players to experience playing a game live. Rather than visiting a land-based casino, players can live stream with a dealer from any of the online casinos that offer this variation.

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Tips for playing Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is a very fun casino game to play, and it is relatively easy once players understand the basic rules. Canadian players can heed the following tips that help them when they are playing the online casino game of Blackjack.


It is advisable that player set aside a budget or money that is for online gambling. Whether it is the casino game Blackjack or any other games, players must have money allocated to online gaming.

Choosing a Table

When a player is looking for which table they would join, they must opt for one that has 5% on a bankroll. Rather take the time to select a table instead of rushing to choose one.

Basic Game Strategy

Understanding the basic strategy of playing online blackjack can help a player enjoy the game better and win the game.

Try Classic Blackjack

New players can choose to play the classic blackjack because all the other versions are modelled from this game. It is also the easiest to play and has the great house edge.

Keep away from Insurance

These bets are not recommended because they are not safe to wager. It is only recommended if a player can be able to count the numbers left of the deck and knows that they can win.

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