California shows interest in the legalisation of Sports Betting

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The state of California has joined New Jersey in efforts to get sports betting to be legalised. It has been researched that Americans contribute $400 million in illegally placing bets every year. Since California has the largest population of residents, there is enormous potential for a legal sports betting industry.

California Sports Betting Ban Amendment

Sports betting law in the USA

Before the residents of the state can have a chance to vote on the amendment of the law, two-thirds of the legislature has to be in favour. It is not clear whether that will happen because the lawmakers have been very anti-gambling in the past years.

The Assembly Governmental Organisation Committee member, Adam Gray, has produced the amendment of the Constitution. It will help in the legalisation of sports betting in California should the law be passed. The ACA 18 amendment will contribute to reducing the number of people betting illegally by offering them legal avenues.

Sports betting is banned according to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). However, there are a few states in which the activity is legal. Since the ban in 1992, there has been many who have contested and tried to change the law.

California and New Jersey not the only States

The two states are not the only ones that are appealing to the supreme court to have this ban lifted. Mississippi and Connecticut have also introduced bills that will allow sports betting to be legal in the states.

In the past months, New Jersey had approached the supreme court to hear their case. However, the next term of the court starts in October. From the released cases that the court will hear, New Jersey was not included. As a result, this means that the court will only listen to their case sometime in November.


If the court decides to lift the ban in New Jersey, there is a high chance that it will also do the same for California. However, Adam Gray still needs to have a strong case to convince the court. It will be a long wait before CA residents get to hear the verdict from the supreme court.

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