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Can Casinos Control Slot Machines Payouts?

Yes, casinos can control slot machines payouts. However, they would be putting themselves at risk by trying to cheat you. Not only can they lose their license, but they will also lose players, therefore, losing their profits. Also, whether the casinos do actually change slot machine payouts is a whole different story.

Gambling establishment owners can manipulate slot machines depending on the jurisdiction that they are in. They can increase or decrease the payout of the machine. However, it is not always legal to do so. If it is legal, casino owners can temporarily increase the payout of newer slot machines. This is one of the ways in which they can promote a new slot machine by getting more players to play on that machine.

In some cases, the manipulation of online slot machines can be done to give it a higher payout in a high visibility area. This is simply a method used by prominent gambling areas to encourage players to spend time on that machine. Not only is this a misleading practice however it is rare in these current regulations and laws. So, how do casinos manipulate slot machine payouts? Keep reading to find out more.

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Manipulating Slot Machines Payouts

The manipulation of slot machine payouts would take a lot from a casino besides it being risky. For starters, slot machines are heavily regulated by all gaming commissions. Information about a slot return to the player as well as the variance must be clear to each player.

Gaming commissions also require that all slots use a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG). A licensed and regulated casino will have little to no reason to rig a physical slot machine just to make a profit and avoid big payouts. These casinos could risk getting a large fine for having a single-rigged slot on their casino floor.

The PRNG in web-based slot machines is the same as what you would find on a physical slot game. They are also regulation offices for the internet gambling industry that help you avoid rogue casinos. Licensed software developers are also required to submit their games to have the RTP variance, and random number generator checked. Also, researching a casino can save you from investing your money in a slot at a rouge casino.

How Do Casinos Control Slot Machines Payouts?

Casino sites that control the slot machine payout are more likely to be rouge casinos. These casinos use gambling software that will promise substantial gains but only give small returns or large bets. So, how exactly do they do this? They can get a technician to physically change how the game payout percentage works in a slot machine. They will do this by changing the read-only memory chip. This is the program that stimulates the reels and assigns the random number imprinted into this read-only memory chip. Not only will this take some time but it will require the help of an IT boffin who won’t come cheap. Remember, this isn’t quite ethical.

There is a large number of online casinos rather than leasing game services from secure data centers. The platforms are run by companies such as Every Matrix and Blue Ocean. Other companies also run their services and leasing resources to casinos on the internet.

These gaming companies can switch things up, such as rigging slot machines; however, they risk losing their independent certification. Also, there is no need for casinos to go through all the hassle of adjusting a payout. They can now order specific payout breakouts for the return to player and house edge that they want to offer. This allows casinos to maintain competitiveness and gain long-term profitability without being unethical.

Final Thought

In this day and age, many games publish return to player. It can be found on their help screens if a player says that the RTP has been adjusted downwards, they can choose to play elsewhere. Casinos depend on players. So, losing players over rigging or controlling slot machines payouts is not the way to go.

Any casino strategy is to grow their customer base and keep their rewards high enough to make each risk worthwhile. So yes, casinos can change the odds on the slot machines, but they have very little reason to do so. An honest casino will not need to control who wins slot games. They purchase gaming systems created and designed to be an entertaining experience to all players while illegally retaining a good percentage of wages.

Remember, not every player who sits at a slot machine will win; therefore, in the long run, the casino will most likely make more money than any of the players who play at that casino. Rather than manipulating the slot machine payouts, it was always more profitable for casinos to stay away from manipulating machines. Also, there’s far too much at stake at the casinos who are caught manipulating the slots’ payout with all the gambling jurisdiction rules and regulations.

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