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Can I Bet on Sports on My Mobile?

Recently updated on October 7th, 2021

The short answer is yes; you can use your mobile device to enjoy sports betting in whichever game you like. Sportsbooks and bookmakers have advanced drastically throughout the years, and you are no longer required to visit any of these venues to make a bet physically. You can now do that directly on your smartphones like an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Perhaps the best part about being able to bet on your phone is that you can wager real money, which means you stand a chance to win real money in return.

Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites

There’s a lot of sportsbooks available to you, but sorting through them to find the best one can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, we are here to make that decision easier for you. Here are some of the online sports betting sites available to Canadian players.

  1. Bet365 – Claim a 100% bonus of up to C$ 200 when you sign up.
  2. Betonline – Grab your share of a 50% sign up bonus
  3. Bodog – 100% bonus of up to C$200.
  4. William Hill – 100% bonus of up to C$200
Sports on my mobile

How to Choose the Right One for You

The four sportsbooks we list above are just a few of the many great options that exist today. But, don’t just take our word for it; test it out yourself.

When searching for the absolute best sportsbooks, there are a few things that you should consider. We discuss this below.

  • Device compatibility: Mobile compatibility is a major factor if you are looking to bet on your phone. Pay attention to ease of use and whether everything loads and displays properly on mobile.
  • Sports variety: You may have your favorite sporting event that you always bet on, but you also want your chosen sportsbook to offer other sporting events for days when you feel like betting on a different game.
  • Bonuses: Bonuses will always be a great offering to bettors, and we can assure you that they appreciate them very much. So, before you make your mind up on one site, have a look around at the kind of rewards you will receive and compare it with rewards from other sportsbooks.
  • Customer support: In the beginning, you may overlook the importance of a solid customer support team but trust me, you’ll thank yourself later. Choose a sportsbook with a good customer service reputation. That way, you know you are getting the best service when you need it.

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