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Can You Get Rich from Sports Betting?

Recently updated on December 1st, 2023

We’ll admit that there are other quicker and more guaranteed ways to get rich like playing the lottery or playing a high paying progressive jackpot game like mega moolah. But, sports betting offers some big payouts too and many bettors can attest to this.

The thing about sports betting though is that you have to be wealthy already to become richer. To rake in life-changing money, you have to bet with large sums of money because only big wagers warrant that kind of return. Whereas with slot games or the lottery, you could strike it lucky while making a minimum bet or buying a cheaper lottery ticket. This has happened many times before.

Tips to Win Big on Sports

How can I make money you ask? We’ve asked a few of our in-house sports bettors to share some of the tips and tricks that they go by when placing bets.

Improve your knowledge in the game: To give yourself the best shot at winning you have to gain specialized knowledge in the game that you would like to play. Challenge yourself to know more than the bookmakers and sports betting sites themselves. So, choose a sport be it tennis, cricket or basketball and study all there is to know about it. If it’s a widely popular game like football that has leagues all over the world you can choose a specific league to specialize in.

Rich from sports betting

Choose the right bookmaker: You might think that bookmakers are all the same but you’ll quickly realize that they are not. Some bookmakers offer bad odds with small profit margins. Your goal should be to find one that offers decent odds and high betting limits. Bookmakers like Betfair and Betway are great picks.

Top 5 Biggest Sports Betting Wins

We looked at some of the biggest winners to walk away with big money over the years and have added some to the top 5 list below.

  1. Bill Benter is indeed a master in horse race betting. Over the course of 30 years, Bill has raked in almost $1 billion in profits from the sport.
  2. Zeljko Ranogajec is another big gun in horse racing and keno jackpots. He bags roughly $1 billion annually.
  3. James Holzhauer is known for using sports betting principles and uses mathematics like calculating expected value and probability to help him win big in games like Jeopardy! In more than 33 games of Jeopardy, James managed to win more than $2.4 million. Before betting on games, James was a pro sports bettor.

Do you feel inspired to start betting? You can do so at some of the sites that we list here at Alternatively, if you would to know more about sports betting feel free to visit our main sports betting guide.

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