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Can You Tell When a Slot Machine Will Hit?

Recently updated on November 17th, 2023

Can you tell when a slot machine is about to hit the jackpot? Or, how do you know when a slot machine is about to hit? Are two of the most asked questions about the popular game, slots. Sadly, we don’t have a direct answer to this question. If we did know the secret, we would gladly share it with you (after we test it out first).

But, some avid slot players claim to know when a slot machine will hit and they have specific tips to help you find a slot machine on the edge of spitting out the jackpot. If you’re interested in knowing what those tips are, continue reading.

How Slot Machines Work

The most important thing to understand about online slot machines is the fact that its outcome relies purely on chance and that every spin is a random independent event. By independent we mean that the next outcome is in no way connected to the previous outcome or the series of outcomes before the next spin. So, if the person who played before you won while playing that particular machine, it in no way means that you will win too and vice versa.

When A Slot Machine Will Hit

How to Tell If A Slot Is About to Hit

There are many different theories about how to spot a slot machine that’s about to payout. And, while these may just be opinions rather than fact, we’ve included them still just for interest’s sake. See what they are below.

Time the machines: Some people believe that you must identify a slot machine and time it. If you are playing at an online casino you might want to keep tabs on that game by continuously checking the recent winners’ updates that some casinos post. If you are playing at a land-based casino, spot a machine that seems to be getting some attention and find a seat close to it. As soon as the person before you quits, make your way over there and try your luck.

Play popular slot machines: Certain machines like the Mega Moolah machine don’t become popular overnight. They are a classic among players because they actually payout and have a record of doing so. It’s best to choose games like this for the best possible shot at winning money.

Play high-limit slot games: You might have heard the saying before that it takes money to make money. Well, the same applies here. High-limit slots might have big betting limits, but they pay out pretty good. High-limit slots are worth a shot now and then.

Hot Or Cold Slot Machines

On occasion, you’ll notice a pattern of frequent losses, while on others you might notice a pattern of more frequent wins. That’s the result of the variance. But, even if you do spot some kind of pattern, that still doesn’t guarantee anything. Slot machines aren’t programmed to grow cold after a big win and they are in no way expected to produce a big win after a long winning streak.

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