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Casino Games Netflix Characters Would Play

Recently updated on April 14th, 2022

Consider what it would be like if your favorite Netflix character was a regular at the casino. Which games do you think the characters would play while watching your favorite Netflix movie or series? Not only has the streaming service grown in popularity, but some of the characters have also won our hearts. Some characters have even gone viral on Twitter and have become fan favorites. So much so that these Netflix characters have inspired us to consider which casino games they would enjoy playing. Our favorite Netflix characters and the casino games they’d play are listed below.

Casino Games Netflix Characters Would Play

Netflix Characters and the Casino Games they would play

We choose some of the most popular Netflix shows and movies. We attempted to pair them with games in which we believed they would excel and win. See if your favorite is mentioned in the list below:

Tahani Al-Jamil – The Good Place

Tahani is a refined character who will not settle for anything less than her normal level of excellence. When she’s preparing the perfect party, she’s in her element. Tahani, on the other hand, has a condescending and snobbish demeanor. We believe she would make an excellent baccarat player. She will be able to navigate the baccarat betting with ease if she can correctly decide between three hues of green. The socialite might take advantage of her severe fears to consider every action she makes. We are confident, though, that she will mature into the game in the same manner she has throughout the series.

Kate Sharma – Bridgerton

The regency era series in England has been so popular that it already has two seasons, with more on the way. As a result, Kate is the most sympathetic figure for any woman who believes she is too old to achieve anything. Kate’s goal was to find herself a spouse, so she focused her efforts on finding a husband for her younger sister. Kate is a brawny young lady with a fiery temper. We believe she’d be a wild card in a poker game. No one would be able to see through her bluff, and each move would be well considered and planned.

Anna Sorokin -Inventing Anna

Anna would be the best card counter we’ve ever seen in blackjack. Anna pretended to be wealthy, but it didn’t stop there. She also lied about being a wealthy German heiress in order to defraud hotels, acquaintances, and banks. To con such high-security institutions, hotels, and known persons, you must be discrete and quick on your feet. All of the properties required in a card counter. Therefore, we believe that Anna would be a good blackjack player. Before you consider using card counting as a method, you must first be able to play blackjack well.

Netflix Characters and Casino Games

Nairobi  – Money Heist

Nairobi is undeniably popular with the public. She has a fiery personality, yet she is also a really kind person. Her job is to make sure the bills are printed correctly. She’s a fantastic manager with a heart of gold. She has a romantic side and fantasizes about starting a family and taking care of her team. She ensures that they are at ease and that they are doing their best. We believe she is one of the Netflix characters who can play craps expertly. Her multi-dimensional nature is well-suited to the game, allowing her to cycle through the various wagers until she finds the appropriate one.

Carol Baskins – Tiger king

Hear us out, Carol is one of those Netflix characters that you either love or despise. She is suspected of feeding tigers to her husband, although she has a charming demeanour. We envision her as the ideal slots player. Consider her surrounded by her felines, spinning the reels until she wins. She could also be the player who knows everything there is to know about the best real money slot machines with amazing features. Cat-themed slots will also be her absolute favorite, of course.

Final Thought

Isn’t this something that makes you think? Which Netflix character is your favorite? and what casino game do you think they’d be strong at? Do you think we did a good job selecting casino games for these characters, as well? You can be completely honest with us, and we will accept it. Of course, similar to Canadian players, these characters would excel at a variety of games. You don’t have to limit yourself to one game just because you’re good at it. You can try out other games at our casinos if you want to. The best thing is that they provide games for free, allowing you to practice and become accustomed with the game before wagering real money.


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