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Bingo Cheat – How to Cheat at Bingo

bingo cheatsIf you are looking for bingo cheats, stop looking. Cheating in bingo is not only improper behaviour for any player, but it can get you into some big trouble, like jail time. Bingo is a fun game, but some players gets frustrated and try to find bingo cheat sheets to help them win.

Below we have compiled a few tactics for cheating at bingo for daring players. However, this page was written for entertainment purposes. So, we do not condone cheating.

If you are trying to find a bingo cheat app, stop. Instead, focus on finding easier ways to win fairly.

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How to Cheat in Bingo

Bingo halls and internet casinos have their own ways of dealing with players caught cheating. We do not advise you use these scheming ways to win bingo games. We have not tried these tactics ourselves and have no intention of doing so. But if you are really looking to defy the law, here is how you can cheat at bingo:

Switching Bingo Cards

People of all ages play bingo at land-based establishments, but it is mostly enjoyed by the elderly. To fully execute this tactic, you will have to buy a few bingo cards and find a seat next to the oldest bingo player in the room.

Strike up a conversation with the player and be friendly as you have to win their trust. As the game is played, you will need to keep an eye on their card and your own. If you see they have a better card, switch the cards.

To do this, you will need good timing, a plan and distraction. Hopefully, they are too old to notice. ( This is probably the worst bingo cheat tactic we have come across!)

Fake Tickets

Counterfeit tickets are a popular cheating tactic that requires inside help from someone who works at the casino or bingo hall. This person will tell you the type of paper bingo cards are printed on, how to fake the signatures or stamps, and any other details on the cards.

You will then have to develop your own fake bingo cards, with this inside information in mind. You have to create cards that look exactly like those at the bingo hall you visit. On the day of the game, you will take your fake cards with you.

To avoid looking suspicious, buy a few legit cards and sit far away from security. As the game is played, check both your real and fake cards. If your fake card wins, carefully replace it with the real one for the inspection phase. If your fake card makes it past inspection, congratulations, check-in and enjoy your winnings!

Using Hand Signals

With this cheating method, you have to befriend the house caller and you are allied independently. Before you can enter the bingo hall or buy your ticket, you and the caller have to discuss hand signals you will use. These are signals for balls you need to be drawn.

You will go the through the general process of buying your tickets. But this time, you will need to sit close to the caller. As the game plays out, you will indicate the numbers you need to be called out to the caller.

The caller will then draw the ball with your request. Or, they will draw any other ball but call out your requested number. Remember, you can’t look or act suspicious. Also, share your winnings with your partner as it was a team effort after all.

bingo cheat mobile

Bingo Cheat App

Many bingo players who have tried to cheat at bingo. Bingo apps are one of the ways you can cheat.

Although you can download these apps from the Google Play Store or App store, unless you are a talented software engineer, using bingo cheat apps may not always be a good idea due to malware and other issues.

Bingo Cheat Mobile

Whether you are playing bingo online or on your mobile, it is difficult to cheat at online bingo. Online bingo websites use high-level security that is hard to crack. Realistically, an average person may find it extremely difficult to hack such systems.

Also, bingo games use random number generators to select the number. The RNG is based on algorithms that make sure each number is selected randomly and fairly.

How to Win At Bingo Every Time

Well, we can’t promise that you will win every single time. But these tips and tricks can help you improve your odds:

  • Play at a regulated casino that offers great bonuses so you can play more games.
  • If you playing at a brick-and-mortar casino, stay away from crowded rooms.
  • Play a variety of cards.
  • Use the Tippett Theory.
  • Take breaks.
  • Set and stick to a budget.


All in all, cheating is wrong, and the consequences of getting caught are really not worth it. Facing jail time means you will have a criminal record and will later struggle to find a job. Or, you will be slapped with a hefty fine and get banned from casinos.

So, whether you decide to use our top tips and bingo guide or cheats, good luck. What we can say is that playing and winning fairly is fun and rewarding. Not only do you not know when you are going to win, but the thrill of playing online is that with luck on your side, you can cash in sooner than you thought.