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How to Play Blackjack: Tips and Guidelines

100x100 How to play blackjack at home
Learning how to play blackjack is super straightforward. This is also an absolute classic table game and knowing how to play it like a pro can boost not only your confidence but also your bank account.
Our how-to-play guide is easy to follow and will equip you with all the important blackjack rules, strategies, and tips. We also list some top blackjack casino sites where you can play free online blackjack or real money blackjack.

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Blackjack Card Values

The main objective in a game of blackjack is to beat the dealer. When you play online, you don’t play against other players, it’s only you and the dealer (aka casino software). The dealer is your only competition.

So, how do you beat the dealer? You do this by building a hand that’s valued at 21, or as close to 21 as possible. If your cards are exceeding 21, you lose. You also lose when the dealer gets closer to 21 than you. So, make sure that doesn’t happen.

In blackjack, only about 1 tenth of the entire deck of cards is used in the game. These cards consist of K, Q, J, Ace, as well as 2 through to 10. Have a look at the info below, which states the value of each card used in the game.

Cards Value
2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Face value
Jack, King, and Queen 10
Ace Can be an 11 or 1
Ace & 2 Can be 3 or 13 etc


An Ace card is unique in that it can be one of two options. And, whichever value you chose for it, must be chosen with the aim of building a hand closer to 21. For example, when you have a number 10 card, K, Q, or J paired with an Ace, it’s pointless to decide that the Ace will be regarded as 1. It’s better to regard it as an 11, that way, you form a winning hand.

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Blackjack Card Game Rules

In this section, we’ll just briefly cover the basic rules of the game. You can find more detailed information in our blackjack rules guide. As far as rules go, what you must remember is:

–         The game pays 3 to 2

–         Dealers must draw up until 16 and stand on a soft 17.

–         Blackjack insurance pays 2 to 1.

How to Deal Blackjack Cards

Dealing cards in the game is also quite simple. You and the dealer get two cards each. However, the dealer has 1 card face up while the other is face down. You (as the player) will go first. At this point, you have choices: you can either draw cards or stand on the ones you have.

You can also surrender or double down. Splitting aces, if you have any, is another option’. Keep the goal in mind when you make these decisions.

For example, if on the first round you get dealt an 8 and a 10, and the dealer gets a 10 and a 16, the dealer must draw because remember, one of the fundamental rules of the game is that dealers draw at 16 and stand on 17.

So, say the dealer draws again, and he receives an Ace, which he’ll obviously regard as a 1 in this case, he must stand because the total value of that hand will now be 17. You have an 18, which means you win that round over the dealer’s soft hand.

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How to Play Blackjack and Win

When you play blackjack for real money, you want to win so that you can receive a payout. When you win, you will receive a payout that’s equal to your initial wager amount. You can also ‘push’ which is to try and get the same hand value as the dealer, but you don’t win anything in that case.

An automatic win can also occur when you get dealt a natural blackjack with your first 2 cards. A natural blackjack hands look something like this: Ace + 10 value card.

If you achieve this, you will get paid out 3 to 2 or 150%, provided that the dealer doesn’t also have a natural.

Play Blackjack Online

Playing blackjack works the same, whether you are playing at a land-based casino or online. When you play land-based, there is very little setup required.

You simply find a table and get going. But, when you play online, you must know where to go and what to do. Follow these quick and easy steps to playing real money blackjack online.

  • Use your smartphone or desktop to log into your online casino account.
  • Go to the banking section and select a deposit method to make a payment.
  • Then, navigate to the games section and decide which type of blackjack game you would like to play. There are many variants; we discussed blackjack 21 in this guide.
  • You also gave the option to play live blackjack online.
  • Claim your deposit bonus if applicable; bonuses come in handy when your bankroll is running thin.
  • All that’s left to do is set your bet amount and press play.


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