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Blackjack Rules – Basics of Playing Blackjack

Rules of Playing BlackjackLearning the basic blackjack rules helps you to understand how to play. Since they apply to all the variations, you will also know the basics of all blackjack games. So, knowing the blackjack rules should be the first step before you play any of the games.

However, you don’t have to worry because you will know the rules of blackjack within minutes. They are not hard to follow, and it will be easy to remember once you know them. So, get started with our guide below.

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Basic Blackjack Rules

There are some basics that you need to know before you play blackjack. These are the rules that apply to all the games. However, depending on the kind of blackjack game you choose, the rules might differ slightly.

The Objective of the Game

Your goal when playing blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand. However, it would be best if you beat the hand without going over 21. Your hand has to be better than that of the dealer for you to win. This means between you and the dealer, whoever has a hand that is closest to 21 wins.

Deck of Cards

The most commonly used deck is six to eight. If the casino chooses to use a smaller number of decks, it is beneficial to you because of the high probability that you might draw a blackjack. If there are more decks used, the odds of easily getting blackjack drop.

Card Values

Since you are building a hand total that has to be close to 21, you will need to know the card values so you know how to build your winning hand. The face cards are valued at 10, the Ace is one or 11 depending on your hand, and then the other cards keep their face value.

Rules of Blackjack

Rules for Playing Blackjack – Betting

Now that you know the basics rules of blackjack, we will look at the rules that apply to betting. You have different betting options: to hit, stand, split, double down, or surrender. These options apply once you have made your bet and you are building your winning hand.

Before the game starts, you have to place your bets. Once the bets are placed, the dealer will deal two cards for you face up. The dealer will also get two cards with only one face up. The options we have mentioned above will happen once you have checked your cards.


If you choose to hit, it means that you want the dealer to give you another card. You will decide to hit after checking your cards and the dealer’s face-up card. You can continue to hit until you bust or beat the dealer’s hand. It is best to hit when the dealer has a six or lower face-up card, and you have a 12 or lower hand.


When you choose to stand, you are happy with the hand total and think it will beat the dealer’s hand. It would be best if you stood on 17 or more. There is also the option to stand at a valued hand at 13-16, but the dealer’s up card has to be seven or more.


This option is applicable when you have two of the same cards. You will split the cards to build two separate hands. You will also have to place a bet for the second hand, but it will be the same as your original bet. It is best to split the Aces and eights. For other pairs, only split if the dealer’s upcard is a seven or lower.

Double Down

When you double down, you are choosing to double your bet to receive another card. However, once you double down, you won’t be able to hit after. You will also only get one extra card. Double down if you have a hand of 10 or 11.


Not all blackjack variations allow you to surrender. You will surrender when you are not happy with the hand you have for those that do. However, you have to surrender before the dealer draws additional cards. You then get half of your bet, and the dealer will take your cards.


As you can tell by now, it is important to know the blackjack rules to help you know the game a bit better. However, just because you know the rules we have outlined here doesn’t mean you are fully ready to play the game.

As we have mentioned, these are the basic rules that apply to all the blackjack variations. You will still need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the variation that you want to play. What’s more, if you also learn some strategies that can help you improve your chances of winning the games.

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