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Play French Roulette Online In 2021

french roulette online casinoFor a more challenging roulette game, French roulette offers you various bets, payouts, and interesting rules. Apart from the French terminology and additional rules that you have to learn, the real money game has a favorable house edge.

Eager to get started?  We have created a detailed guide to help you. Before playing for real money, make sure to try out french roulette free online first. With that, use the below guidelines to get started

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French Roulette Rules

French roulette uses similar rules to European and American roulette. However, there two exceptions to the rules. This includes the La Partage and En Prison rules. This roulette is a single zero game like European roulette, but the table is slightly different.

Below we take a look at the La Partage rule and En Prison rules, which set this casino game apart from the other two variants.

The La Partage Rule

With the La Partage rule, you will be paid out half of your even money bets if the ball lands on 0. The remaining half of the bet will be lost to the house.

Remember that this bet only works with even money bets such as odd/even, red or black, and high or low bets.  If you had made a straight bet and the ball lands on zero, you will lose the entire bet.

The En Prison Rule

With this bet, the dealer will put a marker on the even money bets excluding them from the next spin. Should your even-money bet win in the next spin, you will have your entire wager returned to you with a win. To be fair, many players agree to this rule as it is better than losing the entire bet at any point of the game.

The Basic Bets in French Roulette

Now that you understand the rules, we can go through the different bets found in the game. Essentially you are betting on where the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning.

There are a number of bets you can make, and each bet includes one or more likely numbers. These are grouped into inside and outside bets. Below are the various bets and payouts:

Inside bets

  • Straight bet: a single number between 0 and 36 available. The bet pays 35:1
  • Split bet: two numbers with a payout of 17:1
  • Street bet: three numbers in a row which pays 11:1
  • Corner bet: four numbers in a group/square. The bet pays 8:1
  • Line bet: 6 numbers in two rows with a payout of 5:1

Outside bets

  • Column bet: betting on one of three columns
  • Douzaine: Also known as the Dozen bet, consist of the Premier (first set of 12), Moyenne (second set of 12) or Derniere (third set of 12) – 2:1
  • Rouge or Noir: betting on the ball to land on a red (rouge) or black (noir) pocket – 1:1 payout
  • Pair or Impair: betting on the outcome to be an Odd (pair) or even (impair) pocket
  • Manque or Passe: a bet on the ball landing on low (manque) pocket between 1 and 18. Or on a high (passe) pocket between 1 and 18 – 1:1 payout

Announced Bets

When you get the hang of the basic bets, you can start on the advanced bets. These are most commonly called announced or called bets.

Finales: this is a cool bet on numbers that endi with the samenumber, for example, 7,17,27. There are two variations of this bet. The finales en Plein and finales a cheval. En plein focuses on one number and a cheval focus on two numbers. The stake will vary depending on the number of possibilities.

Jue Zero: this bet is made on the six numbers on either side of the zero, including the zero itself.

Voisins du Zero: with this bet, you are going with all the numbers between 22 and 25. This bet uses nine chips placed between corners and splits.

Le Tiers du Cylinder: this bet is made on all numbers opposite the zero, these range from 27 to 33. The bets is made as splits.

French Roulette Layout

The French variation is played on a standard European wheel which has 37 pockets. There 18 red and 18 black pockets. The last pocket is green, and that is the 0 pocket.

On the French roulette wheel, you will find that the numbers are not in consecutive order, and the red and black pockets alternate. The number pattern is completely random. With the expectation of 0, each even number will be followed by an odd number.

The wheel has been designed so that low, high, low, even, odd, black, and red numbers are evenly distributed.

The real difference is the French roulette table. With this game, you will notice that the wheel is placed in the center rather than on the one end of the table. Not all French games are this way, though, as most software providers are getting creative with their roulette games layouts and designs.

The French table layout is easy to differentiate because the labels are written in French. In some cases, the table will also have English translations but this is rare. The call bets are placed in a specific section called the racetrack. This is a separate betting grid that is a replica of the wheel.

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House Edge

The interesting part about playing French roulette is that the house edge depends on the type of bets that you make. With even number bets, the house edge will sit at 1.35%, and with every other bet, the house edge is 2.70%

You may want to take the payouts of each bet into consideration when making bets. This will determine how you choose to improve your French roulette odds. Here is a quick breakdown on what the odds are like for each bet:

  • Straight – 2.7%
  • Split – 5.4%
  • Street – 8.1%
  • Corner – 10.8%
  • Column – 32.4%
  • Dozen – 32.4%
  • Red/Black – 48.6%
  • Even/Odd – 48.6%
  • Low/High – 48.6%

French Roulette Vs. European

As you can already tell, there are several similarities between French roulette and European roulette. But the same can be said about American Roulette. However, there are few differences between all three variations.

The biggest difference between French and European Roulette is the layout depending on the developers and the advanced bets. But both variations use one zero.

With that, American roulette uses two zeros. In terms of French roulette vs. American the biggest difference is the outside bets. With French roulette, the outside bets are split into two on both sides of the table. Again, this may vary depending on the developer. American roulette, on the other end keeps all the outside bets on the same side.

The La Partage rule and En Prison rules are the most noticeable difference between the French variation and the other two variations.