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Other than the University of Nevada Las Vegas, College of Southern Nevada is another institution where students can learn about casino management. The campus has a 250 8382 m2 lab that has different casino table games that form part of the practicals that the students will take part in. This is what makes College of Southern Nevada different.

The department chair and professor at the campus, Mark DiStefano, said that it is important to cover all the aspects of a casino.

Casino Management at the College of Southern Nevada

Casino Management Course

The casino management course is a degree that is a 2-year associate of applied science. It focuses on five curriculums that focus on conventions and event planning, culinary arts, food, beverage and tourism management and hotel management.

The primary focus of the course, which is casino management, is inclusive of gambling laws and casino marketing, sports and race betting, slots, table games such as blackjack and craps.

College of Southern Nevada offers a more hands-on approach where students get a chance to deal with an actual casino table game. While the University of Nevada, Las Vegas offers a hospitality management that highlights casinos but has no practical offerings.

College of Southern Nevada Attendance

The College of Southern Nevada is known for offering their courses online. However, with casino management it is different. Students have to go to the campus to take this course.

Here is an example of what the students can encounter while learning:

A learner will be asked to determine a win if a gambler has been playing for 8.5 hours and has wagered an average bet of $350. The house edge being at 1.24%.

The casino management degree is accredited, and the advisory committee gets together twice a year to discuss the course.  They review the progress and challenges that they may be facing with this particular course and decide on what needs to be improved.

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