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The massacre that happened recently in Las Vegas has left many land-based casinos questioning security at their establishments. It is not only casinos in Las Vegas but also in Macau. These two gambling hubs are some of the places where a lot of players are attracted to for their gaming.

Las Vegas is also known for hosting a few shows and events. Stephen Paddock, the man responsible for the shooting, was able to pass casino security with his ammunition. This attack has left many questioning security and safety of land-based casinos.

As a result, regulators at both gambling meccas, have requested that all gambling facilities review their security. Once done, to improve casino security measures ensuring the safety of people in the venues and outside. This is in the efforts to avoid a similar situation as the Las Vegas shooting from happening again.

Las Vegas and Macau Casinos Review Casino Security

Casino Security Warning from Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn warned about such incidents from happening just a year ago from the Las Vegas shooting. He mentioned how Las Vegas was a target because of the lack of stringent casino security measures in place.

Wynn was dismissed as being paranoid. However, he made sure to implement security measure at his Wynn Resorts. He installed metal detectors that cannot be easily spotted. Trained guards were also hired to prevent attacks.

Casino Security Going Forward

A.G. Burnette, Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman, said that years ago there were undercover agents that were hired. However, an attack of this nature was not prepared for. The gaming control board will be working with Las Vegas casinos to ensure that they bolster their security.

In Macau, the government stakeholders and officials will meet to discuss security at gambling venues in Asia.

Las Vegas Shooting

Stephen Paddock, 64, checked into the Mandala Bay Casino Resort three days before opening fire on festival attendees. He was on the 32nd floor where he had a view of the festival from his window. In his rampage where it is still unclear what the motive was, Paddock killed 59 people and injuring over 500. After the 10 minutes shooting, he then killed himself.

The investigation is still going and will keep our readers updated with any news happening in the gaming industry. Read more about gambling laws in Canada or any of the guides on online gambling casinos.

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