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Casino Superstitions – How to Be Lucky in Gambling

It is without a doubt that all players have heard some casino superstitions from somewhere. In fact, we think you may have also tried to research ways to being luckier when gambling.

Gambling superstitions have been around for as long as gambling itself. Some have even become a common practice in most land-based casinos.

Some of these superstitions are a bit outrageous and unbelievable. But they do make for a good laugh. So, we have put together different superstitions and popular beliefs found in gambling or at casinos.

gambling casino superstitions

Good Luck Casino Superstitions

When lady luck fails you, there is no need to quit the game. There are other ways to channel all the good luck into your direction.  We don’t really know how well these will work out for you, but if you believe in it really hard, you may win the next jackpot.

Here are some of the casino superstitions that are meant to bring you good luck.

1.      Wear Red or Your Lucky Garment when Gambling

There is a common thought that the color red is lucky. This is because the Chinese believe that red is the colour of prosperity and wealth. Wearing red or carrying a red item could bring you some luck. Whether you choose to throw on your red trunks, scarf, or t-shirt, it is considered to bring you good luck at the casino.

Then there is the lucky clothing superstitions. Some gamblers have noticed that they tend to strike it lucky when wearing a particular item of clothing. This could be a hat, sunglasses, pair of jeans or shoes.

2.      Hang on Tight to your Lucky Charm

We have all had or still have an item that we consider to be our source of luck. Well, as you may have already guessed, there are many gamblers who trust in their lucky charms.  These could be anything from a horseshoe, a four-leaved clover, keyring, or rabbit foot. Disclaimer, please do not harm any animals to bring you luck for gambling.

3.      A List of Rituals

This superstition has nothing to do with you being able to summon rain but with little nuances that many gamblers have taken into their playing.

Many gamblers will perform some kind of a routine as a way of enticing good luck. The rituals are generally performed before the dealer spins the roulette wheel, the dealing of hands, or rolling the dice.

Some of the most popular rituals include:

  • Blowing on the dice
  • Stacking chips in a particular way
  • Kissing or hugging your partner
  • Crossing your fingers or legs
  • Standing still while playing

4.      Luck in Gambling and Being Unlucky in love

You may be wondering how your love life could impact your luck in gambling. Well, there are superstitions that states that if you are lucky in the casino, you are maybe unlucky in love.

Well, we would not recommend dumping your lover just yet. Many successful gamblers are in loving relationships and marriages.

5.      Lucky Number 7

You have already heard of this casino superstition based on the significance of particular numbers. The number 7 is regarded as a lucky number. Maybe this why 7 is popular number in slots.

Superstitions that bring Misfortune

While there are many things that you could do to bring you fortune, there are a few actions that could be bring you misfortune.

Here are some of the things that you should probably not do in order to be a little luckier.

6.      Don’t count your money at the table

So, you have just won, and all you want to do is count your winning just to make sure that you really did win. But, you may want to wait before counting your money at the table. Not only is it distasteful, but it can be insensitive.

7.      Unlucky number 13

Now, many gamblers try and stay away from the number 13 for a few reasons. In Western cultures, the number 13 is associated with bad luck. Others go with the last supper, where Judas was considered the 13th disciple.

8.      Leave the $50 Bill at Home

Some players believe that $50 bills are extremely unlucky. In fact, some will also refuse to be paid in this denomination. The reason for this dates back to many years ago when a mob would bury their victims in deserts with $50 bills.

9.      Avoid borrowing other players money

Lending another player money is consider one of the ways of bringing bad luck on yourself. While this could affect your bankroll, it is believed that you would be tempting fate by giving money away that you have no intention of winning back. Strange right?

10.  Front Door Bad Luck

As strange as this may be, the gambling superstition has been around for years. Some gamblers considers using the casino front as unlucky because the bad luck of the gamblers who leave could rub off on you.

So, to avoid testing fate for real, we would suggest gambling online., the only door you have to worry about are those in your home!

Play Online to Avoid Casino Superstitions

As you may have already picked up, the majority of the gambling superstitions that bring bad luck have to do with land-based casinos. When gambling at top casino sites, you don’t have to worry about the $50 bill, having other players ask you for money, or the obscure front door saga.

Simply create good Feng shui, wear red, kiss your partner, and hope for the best. Gambling is unpredictable, but adapting a good casino superstition could be the one thing that is missing in your play. There is no harm in trying!