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Top 5 Gambling Books of All Time

casino books

Recently updated on November 23rd, 2023Although gambling books may not take up a lot of shelf space in typical bookstores, this does not mean that there isn’t a lot of material available. There are numerous publications available that contain techniques, tactics, and advice on how to win games of chance. A gambling book can assist […]

Is Playing Two Hands At Blackjack Better?

Is Playing Two Hands At Blackjack Better

Recently updated on October 23rd, 2023There are several benefits and drawbacks to playing two hands and blackjack. Whether you’re playing blackjack in a land-based casino, an online casino, or a live casino, you’ve almost certainly encountered a player who was playing more than one hand. Depending on the number of people at the blackjack table, […]

How Much Money Do You Need to Be A Professional Gambler?

How Much Money Do You Need to Be A Professional Gambler?

Recently updated on October 12th, 2023If you are an aspiring professional gambler wondering how much you have to spend gambling, you have come to the right place for answers. Being a professional gambler means you’ll be solely dependent on casino games as your primary source of income. This means you will have to play casino […]

Do Online Casinos Have Better Odds?

casinos have better odds

Recently updated on September 28th, 2023Yes, internet casinos tend to have better odds. This is because there is less of a house edge and a contentious market. This is best for players as you have a better chance of winning money playing games online than at a land-based casino. It is important to remember that […]