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Video Poker

Is Video Poker a Game of Skill?

video poker game of skill

Recently updated on October 24th, 2023Yes and No. Yes, because the game is based on poker, you will need to use some basic strategy to know how to play the cards dealt and build a winning hand. No, because the game is also based on slot machines, and you don’t have control over the outcomes […]

Which Casino Game Is Easiest to Win

Games Easiest to Win

Recently updated on July 20th, 2023At some point, we have all wondered what game is the easiest to win at casinos online. Well, there are a few. See, while the word ‘easy’ suggests that just about anyone can play the game and succeed, we think difficulty is subjective. It all comes down to how much […]

What is the Best Video Poker Game to Play

Jacks or Better

Recently updated on July 22nd, 2021In our opinion, Jacks or Better is the best video poker game to play. But, if we’re being fair, it really comes down to preference and what you enjoy when playing the game. So, in this blog we’ll offer reasons why we think ­jacks or better is the best video […]