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Do Quick Picks Ever Win the Lottery?

When you decide to play the lotto you have one of two options. You can either choose to play your own numbers, or you can select the quick pick option. The first option gives you the freedom to decide which numbers you play whereas the second option gives a computer the task of selecting numbers on your behalf. So, which of these options is better, and does quick pick lottery tickets ever win money? Let’s assess the pros of each option.

How Do Quick Picks Work?

The first advantage to choosing quick pick lottery tickets is in the name itself. This is a quick option for players on the move. The time you spend online or at the retailer is cut in half and it takes very little mental effort on your behalf because you don’t choose the numbers yourself.

Quick Pick Lottery

Another thing to note about Quick Picks is the fact that the numbers are automatically generated, just like the numbers on the draw itself. Here you don’t rely on strategy, birthdates, intuition or other methods to choose your numbers. And, as we know, numbers chosen strategically don’t necessarily improve your chances of winning.

Which Option Wins More Often?

History shows that quick pick players win more often than players who choose their own numbers. Many jackpot winners have struck it lucky this way and would vouch for this option more. The notion is that while choosing your own numbers can make you a winner, choosing to play the game using a random number generator removes human influence and gives you a better chance against the random number generator that will eventually draw the winning numbers.

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