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Does Your Zodiac Sign Say Something About Your Luck in Gambling?

Recently updated on February 9th, 2022

Reading your horoscope and staying up to date with news in the world of Astrology can help make you aware of what’s coming and help you prepare for it. There may also be information about whether you’ll have good luck in the near future or not.

Some people use their horoscopes to help them decide when it’s a good time to gamble. However, we understand that not everyone pays attention to these things and we’re not even sure if this is something solid to go by. But, it’s something interesting to look into nonetheless. So, could your horoscope be a good indicator of when to gamble? Let’s find out.

Capricorn Gamblers (Dec 22 – Jan 19)


Capricorns are generally shy, introverted people. But they enjoy going out and having fun from time to time. Studies show that live roulette is the casino game best suited for Capricorns, and that Saturday’s is their lucky day. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have bad luck on any other day, it simply means that your stars align most on that day. Your lucky numbers are 6 & 8 so be mindful of this when you place your bets.

Aquarius Gamblers (Jan 20 – Feb 18)


Aquarius gamblers have strong thinking abilities and they love a challenge. Games like Texas Holdem and Craps are top picks or this kind of player. Their lucky day is also on a Sunday and their lucky numbers are 3, 7 & 9.


Pisces Gamblers (Feb 19 – Mar 20)


Pisces gamblers are emotional and their decisions are very much affected by how they feel. This can be a major weakness when it comes to gambling because good luck and winning streaks aren’t guaranteed to anyone. They are also more drawn towards flashy games like slots as opposed to competitive skill-based games like baccarat and other table games. Their lucky day of the week is Thursday and their lucky numbers are 3 and 7.

Aries Gamblers (Mar 21 – April 19)


Aries gamblers are very competitive by nature. They love to win and can be sore losers at times. Therefore, games like poker and all its variations are great for Aries gamblers. Their lucky day is Tuesday and their lucky number is 9.

Taurus Gamblers (April 20 – May 20)


Taurus gamblers like to have options so games that limit them in any way isn’t a good choice. Craps offers a variety of different bets and so does roulette which make these games great for Taurus’s. Their lucky day is a Friday and their lucky numbers are 5 and 6.

Gemini Gamblers (May 21 – June 20)


Gemini’s are social people that enjoy the company of others so online gambling might not be the best option for them. For a satisfying experience, Gemini gamblers should visit land-based casinos and play interactive games like baccarat, keno and casino war. Monday’s are good days for Gemini’s and their lucky numbers are 5, 6 and 9.


Cancer Gamblers (Jun 20 – Jul 21)


Cancer gamblers are very sociable and like Gemini’s- enjoy the company of others. Games like bingo are great for these players because it’s people-friendly and you get to mingle with other players when you’re playing at a bingo hall.

Leo Gamblers (Jul 22 – Aug 22)


Leo’s are quite dominant and they like to make their skills and knowledge in a particular game known. Games like blackjack or poker that uses a strategy is great for such players. Their lucky gambling day is Sunday and their lucky numbers are 1 & 5.

Virgo Gamblers (August 23 – Sep 22)


Virgos are very calculated players. They are very intentional about everything they do and like to make precise moves at all times. Therefore, games like blackjack, craps and poker are great picks for them. Their lucky day is Wednesday and their lucky number is 5.

Libra Gamblers (Sep 23 – Oct 22)


Libras enjoy a vibrant, fast-paced lifestyle. They are able to make decisions quickly and can think on their feet. Video poker is a good pick for these players because it’s a game that can be played quickly. They also have options like speed roulette and blackjack. Friday’s are lucky days for Libras and their lucky numbers are 5, 6 and 9.


Scorpio Gamblers (Oct 23 – Nov 21)


Scorpios are confident players who are rational and can’t be swayed or influenced easily. Live dealer games are a great pick for them because it offers enough personal interaction and it allows you to be intentional about the choices you make. Their lucky day is Tuesday and their lucky numbers are 1 and 7.


Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)


Sag people can get very excited about things and they love to win. So, games like slots and video poker that stimulates the brain and gets them excited are great for such players. Their lucky day is a Thursday and their lucky numbers are  3,5 and 8.

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