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eSports gaming and tournaments have been gaining a lot of attention lately. According to experts, it will continue to grow and become a big industry. Currently, the eSports industry has been raking in about $1 billion over the past years. This year it is estimated that the industry will reach $905.6 million.

Then it comes as no surprise that there will be people who are interested in wagering money on this kind of sport. So, then we have eSports betting.

Narus and Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, a software analytics company, has a report that predicts that by 2020 gamblers in the eSports betting industry will bet close to $13 billion. They further mention that this year, 2018, the betting will reach $6.7 billion.

esports betting is becoming more popular

Where is eSports Betting Legal?

As much as the sport is fast becoming popular, the gambling side of this has a long way to go.  At the moment, eSports betting is legal in Spain, the UK, Korea, Macau, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Some states in the US also legalised the betting on this sport. These include Oregon, Nevada, Montana and Delaware. At the moment there is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 that lists this gambling under sports betting. However, the Supreme Court is reviewing the Act to consider legalising it in other states.

eSports betting is not necessarily regulated, and therefore, underage gamblers may take part in it. There have been many commentators who have raised the responsible gaming. They feel that there must be measures put in place to help deal with this concern.

A look into the Future

This industry is only starting to cement itself in the gambling world, but it shows that it will become big. While there are predictions of how big it will grow, we will see the growth as it happens. If the Supreme Courts allow other states in the US to bet on this sport, it will definitely grow unimaginably.

Canadians can be able to bet on their eSports gaming team online. There are a number of sports betting sites that accept Canadian players.

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