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European Roulette is considered to be the most popular version of online roulette in Canada and the world. It is because this variant has a lower house edge, therefore, giving players a much better chance of winning.

When you take a look at the European roulette wheel, you will see that it has 37 compartments. In the wheel, numbers 1 till 36 will be marked with a black or red colour. The 37th compartment is for the zero, the only compartment whose colour does not alternate. The colour for the zero is green.

Similar to all the versions of online roulette in Canada, you have to predict which slot the ball will land into. You will wager on the numbers on the table that will be marked with the same numbers as the roulette wheel.

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Playing the Best European Roulette Online in Canada

The following section is a guide that will tell you how to play the Roulette game of European roulette online. Since we have mentioned that the game is relatively easy to play, the steps below will be straightforward and clear:

  • Pick an online gaming Canada site where you would like to play European roulette
  • Deposit money into your casino account once registered
  • Claim your casino bonus and choose European roulette from the games section
  • Once the games loads, place your bets
  • The computer will spin the roulette wheel and randomly select the outcome
  • When the wheel stops, if you are a winner, you will receive your winnings
  • Choose to place another wager or leave the game

best european roulette online in canada

Best European Roulette Online Tips

This premium online roulette game can be rewarding when you play it for real money. Unfortunately, you cannot lower the odds, but you can use betting techniques to help improve your chances. You can use strategies such as the Martingale systems, Parolli and D’Alembert.

Another thing to keep in mind when playing this top roulette game is to manage your spending. Allocate a budget for playing and stick to it, especially when you are using the betting systems.

For the best online roulette gaming experience play European Roulette real money and stand a chance to walk away with jackpots.