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Expensive and Luxurious Casinos Around the World

Recently updated on August 5th, 2021

Not all casinos are designed to be equal. They are some that are designed to be more extravagant and luxurious than others. What’s more, some casinos are luxurious and even expensive to visit.

However, what makes these casinos expensive and luxurious? Read our article below to find out what makes them expensive and luxurious. We also list the casinos that you can check out for their luxurious looks.

expensive and luxurious casinos

1.      The Bellagio Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas

This list would be incomplete if there weren’t casinos in Las Vegas since it is the capital of the gambling industry. The casino features a fountain that cost almost $40 million to build. It is perfect for high rollers looking to play high-stakes poker. In November 2019, it was sold for $4.25 billion.

2.      The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden Casino – Germany

Located in the outskirts of Black Forest, this casino is known for hosting international events and meetings. It is one of the oldest casinos globally, and the design is a testament to that. However, even without the modern look, it still exudes luxury. Not many people know it for the great experiences it offers besides hosting events.

3.      City of Dreams – Macau

This casino is owned by one of the biggest gambling and resort groups in the world. City of Dreams was opened in June 2009, and it is worth $2.4 billion. It features various hotels in its towers and three casinos with 1514 gaming machines and 450 table games.

4.      The Wynn Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas

Wynn is another Las Vegas casino on our list. The casino is named after the developer and is the flagship for the Wynn Resorts Group. It has won numerous awards, including Forbes Five Stars, Michelin Five Stars, Mobile Five Stars, and many more. It has a casino that covers almost 18 000m2.

5.      Venetian Monaco Resort Hotel Casino – China

The casino was inspired by the casino with the same name in Las Vegas. However, this one was able to make on our list because it has the largest casino in the world at more than 21 000m2. It features 3400 slot machines and 800 table games.

6.      Marina Bay Sands Casino – Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands can be considered one of the most expensive casinos globally because of the cost that went into building it. However, even the looks of it scream luxury and expensiveness. It features three towers that are connected by an infinity pool. The pool is the world’s largest at 150m long. In its first year, over 11 million people visited the casino.

7.      Hotel de Paris & Casino de Monte-Carlo – Monaco

We have listed these two casinos here because a staircase connects them. However, that is not the only reason. Another reason is that they both offer luxurious gaming experiences for the rich and famous that often visit Monte Carlo. Some of the rooms are even featured in the Casino Royale movie.

8.      The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Casino – Puerto Rico

This casino is a combination of two casinos that worked together to create a destination that was not only luxurious but would offer an unforgettable experience. The casino overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and has a gaming floor with various casino games, including blackjack and baccarat.

9.      Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino – Spain

Known to host many poker tournaments and professional players, this casino is located in an old town that overlooks the Marina. The casino hosts many Texas Hold ’em tournaments, but it doesn’t mean that there is nothing else to enjoy. It is a gorgeous location that any person can visit.

10. Park Hyatt Mendoza – Argentina

The locals love this casino’s biggest feature which is the punto y Blanca, but even outsiders will understand why. It has a lot of Spanish colonial history, but that does not take away from making this casino a luxurious gaming venue.

Conclusion: Expensive and Luxurious Casinos

Many other casinos in the world exude luxury in different ways. However, the ones that we have listed here are the top of the crop. However, we know that maybe you might not be able to visit them, but you can marvel at their glory here on the internet. If you are looking to play casino games, why not try them out at any online casinos that we have listed here on our website.

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