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Fun Bingo Lingo For Numbers

Recently updated on March 24th, 2022

Bingo is the game for you if you enjoy a basic casino game every now and then. However, if you don’t play bingo frequently, you may not be familiar with the bingo lingo. Specific numbers are called out in bingo terminology. These sayings may vary depending on where you play bingo.

There are numerous unusual bingo jargon expressions, some of which are amusing, rhyme, or remind you of something your granny used to say. Most bingo slang dates back to the mid-twentieth century in London, where it was used to pass secret messages. They’ve now become some of the cutest bingo sayings. We’ve compiled a list of the top bingo phrases for your enjoyment.

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Top Bingo Lingo – 90 Sayings

A newcomer to online bingo for real money can be confused by the terminology used with the letters and numbers. The nicknames add to the enjoyment of bingo, but they can be confusing. We’ve included a glossary of the terminology below so you can have fun playing online bingo and winning real money without getting lost!

Number Saying
1 Kellys Eye
2 One little duck, Kellys Cousin or Me and you
3 A flea, Goodness me, or Cup of tea
4 Knock on the door
5 One little snack or Man Alive
6 Tom Mix, Spot below, or Chopsticks
7 Lucky number seven
8 One fat lady, Harry Tate, or Garden gate
9 Doctors’ orders
10 Cock ‘n’ Hen, Johnson’s Den, or Blind 10,
11 Legs Eleven
12 A monkeys cousin or one dozen
13 Unlucky for some
14 Valentine’s day or lawnmower
15 Young and Keen
16 Sweet Sixteen  or Never been kissed
17 Dancing queen or Old Ireland
18 Coming of age
19 Goodbye-teens
20 Blind 20 or One score
21 Royal Salute or Key to the door
22 All the Twos, Two little ducks, or PC Parker
23 A duck to a flea or thee and mee
24 Two dozen
25 Duck and dive
26 Pick ‘n Mix or Bed and Breakfast
27 Gateway to Heaven
28 In a state or Overweight
29 Rise and Shine
30 Speed limit, Dirty Gertie, or Blind 30
31 Get up and run
32 Buckle my shoe
33 Fish, chips and peas, Dirty Knee, or All threes
34 Ask for more
35 Jump and Jive
36 Three Dozen
37 More than eleven
38 Christmas Cake
39 Jack Benny or Steps
40 Blind 40, Naughty 40, or Life Begins
41 Time for fun or Life’s Begun
42 Winnie the pooh
43 Down on your knee
44 All the Fours
45 Halfway there or Cowboys friend
46 Up to tricks
47 Four and seven
48 Four Dozen
49 Copper or Nick-Nick
50 Half a century or Blind 50
51 The Highland Dive or Tweak the thumb
52 weeks of the year or Deck of cards
53 Stuck in a tree  or The Welsh Div
54 Clean the floor
55 Snakes alive
56 Was she worth it
57 Heinz Varieties
58 Choo Choo Thomas or Make Them Wait,
59 Brighton Line
60 Blind 60, Five Dozen, or Grandma’s Getting Frisky
61 Bakers Bun
62 Turn the screw or Tickety-boo
63 Tickle me 63
64 Almost retired or Red raw
65 Old age pension
66 Clickety click
67 Stairway to heaven or The Argumentative Number
68 Saving Grace or Pick a Mate
69 Favorite of mine or Meal for two
70 Three score and ten or Blind 70
71 Bang on the drum
72 Par the course or Six dozen or
73 Queen bee
74 Candy Store or Hit the floor
75 Strive and strive
76 Trombones
77 Sunset strip or All the sevens
78 39 more steps
79 One more time
80 Blind 80, Eight and blank or Ate Nothing
81 Stop and run or Fat Lady with a Walking Stick
82 Straight on through
83 Time for tea or Ethel’s Ear
84 Seven dozen
85 Staying alive
86 Between the sticks
87 Torquay in Devon or All the eights
88 Two fat ladies
89 Nearly there
90 Top of the shop or End of the line


Final Thought of Bingo Sayings

The majority of these bingo phrases are rhymes or allude to something extremely similar. They’d liven up any bingo game, and you might pick up a phrase or two from the Bingo Lingo to use in your everyday life. Now we know why bingo players have the sharpest tongues; it’s all because of these sayings. There’s a casino for you whether you want to play free bingo or online bingo that’s a little more competitive! Sign up to a top CA casino and carry this bingo lingo with you if you’re ready to win!

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