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Gambling Rituals and Lucky Charms

Recently updated on February 7th, 2022

Gambling is all about luck, but some players believe they can improve their luck by having certain rituals before visiting a casino. These gambling rituals are used to have favour and to win. What’s more, the rituals are for wherever you choose to gamble, whether it be online or at land-based casinos.

Here are some of the gambling rituals that players will try to improve their luck and chances of winning.

Gambling Rituals

Lucky Charms

Lucky charms are believed to carry luck, and if you have them with you, that luck is transferred to you. Different people believe that different things bring luck. Things such as a rabbit’s foot are well-known ones. Other things that gamblers consider lucky charms include the following:

  • Four Leaved Clover – it is believed that since they are so rare when you come across them, it means that you are lucky.
  • The Number 7 – this number is considered lucky in various traditions and religions, and so gamblers will bet on it hoping it will bring luck.
  • Red Clothing – in the Chinese tradition, red represents luck, wealth and joy and people wear them when they go to the casino.
  • Lucky Clothes – some people believe that certain clothing items bring luck, and they will wear them when they go to the casino.

Actionable Rituals

There is certain behaviour that some gamblers will do that is considered to be lucky. Gamblers will perform the following rituals for luck:

  • Blowing on the Dice – this ritual only applies to games played with dice. However, the origin of this act was never about luck but trying to cheat the casino.
  • Crossing Fingers – this ritual has two theories: to protect yourself from unwanted forces and to make your wishes become a reality from bad spirits.
  • Knocking on Wood – people do this ritual for protection from negative energies.
  • Food Fortune – there are some dishes or foods that are considered to be lucky, and gamblers would eat them before visiting the casino.
  • Magic Spells – some gamblers believe in using portions or spells to improve their gambling luck.
  • Wishing Well Fortune – before visiting the casino, gamblers will visit a well and toss a coin there to bring luck.


None of the above rituals guarantees that you will win whenever you do them. However, there are players who will follow through on them without hesitation.

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