Real Money Gambling and Betting Apps are Now Allowed on Google Play

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Google Play, which is Android’s app store, had in the past not allowed casinos to use their platform for real money gambling. However, it seems they have reconsidered their decision. They are now going to allow the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and France to put applications in to use the Google Play platform.

The Android operating system is the leading smartphone and tablet software provider in the world. Allowing online casino sites to use their platform to list their mobile casino apps exposes them to an even bigger market.

Emails were sent to various UK based casino companies about changes in the Google Play’s gambling policy. Companies such as Degree53, with clients such as Betfred, OddsChecker and 888 are amongst those that received the email.

All the casinos that Google has communicated with can start sending in their application starting in August 2017.

Google Play Accepts Real Money Gambling Apps in UK

Google Play restrictions on Real Money Gambling

Even though there is a lift in the gambling policy for Google Play, not all countries can benefit from this change. As a result, other countries unfortunately still have to download mobile casino apps from the casino site.

The gambling restrictions were made years back when Google decided to review their gambling policy about apps that have a win a prize or cash option. According to the policy, Google Play was no longer going to accept content from online casinos, lotteries, sports betting and games of skill.

Other Real Money Gambling Apps Platforms

Betcade was a company that was offering casino sites a place where they can list their apps for players to download from. However, the company had a short run as it closed down last year, only four months after its launch. The reason for the closure was due to the unworkable business model that the company was using.

Google Play will hopefully eventually amend the gambling policy for the rest of the world.

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