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Great Canadian Gaming Corp is the corporation that owns the Rivers Rock casino. The Rivers Rock casino has been in news headlines because of the report that was released detailing money laundering at the casino. Great Canadian Gaming has recently filed an appeal with the supreme court to prevent the release of more money laundering documents in British Columbia casinos which include Rivers Rock.

Postmedia had planned to release the documents on Tuesday. This is allowed under British Columbia’s freedom of information laws. Great Canadian Gaming had filed the appeal on November 9th. The corporation claims that they never received any prior notice about the release of the documents. They further said that they were also not given a chance to argue against this decision.

Great Canadian Gaming sent a petition to the supreme court

Rivers Rock Casino’s Confidential Business

Great Canadian Gaming has also stated that the report that was released early last month had confidential business information. The report was released through Postmedia which also included information from another report done by the Attorney General David Eby.

According to the corporation, if the recent reports are released the company will suffer especially if they are not given a chance to make a statement that they are entitled. This will also affect Great Canadian Gaming’s business interest which cannot be undone should the documents be released.

The Ministry of Attorney General has said that they will review the petition that was made. However, they will act in the interest of the public’s right to information about the British Columbia’s casino money laundering issues.

Further Information on the Great Canadian Gaming’s Appeal

The corporation’s appeal state that they contacted the ministry asking that there be no other documents released. It was on 23 October when the request was made, and it was so that the company can review the report and state its opinions.

According to Vancouver Sun, at the moment the Privacy Commissioner is reviewing the appeal, and there is no indication of how long it will take.

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