The growth of NFL Sports Betting

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These days there are controversies and the drop in TV viewing of National Football League (NFL) matches that you might think that interest in this league is slowly fading. However, it seems that the sport is still is popular and this can be attributed to fantasy sports and sports betting.

The growth of NFL Sports Betting

The Beginning of NFL Betting

When the concept of betting on NFL matches came to being, bettors were only able to place wagers in Las Vegas. However, other states were excluded, and they attempted to saturate their need to gamble on their favourite sport.

Oregon Lottery decided to launch Sports Action, which was designed to work similar to the lottery. Bettors could guess the outcome of the games happening each week. If there were no winners, the jackpot would roll over to the following week.

Introducing NFL Betting on the Internet

The introduction of online gambling for real money changed the way and how gamblers can be able to wager on their favourite teams. It allows them to gamble from the comfort of their homes on a desktop computer and from anywhere in the country on mobile devices.

Bettors can access safe, regulated and legal sports betting sites that offer gaming experience and chance to win big jackpots. This has contributed to the growth of NFL betting and reports show that before the 2015 NFL season over $95 billion was expected from gambling.

Fantasy Sports Enters the Market

A lot of people may not be aware that Fantasy Football has been around since the 1960s. More so, its popularity is due to the introduction of it on the internet. This has increased the popularity of the NFL and gambling for teams that bettors have created makes it even more exciting.

The launch of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has also contributed to the continued popularity of the NFL. More and more sports fans gamble money on their NFL teams, and there are sports betting sites that offer big money payouts should your fantasy football team reach the top spot.


Betting on the NFL is not confined to America and Canada. In the UK, there is a football league that has one regular season. Betting sites receive double the money that punters wager which is more than what sports books in America receive. It seems that the sport may be having a bit of a hard time with TV viewership but the gambling side of things is thriving.

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