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How Do I Join an Online Casino?

Recently updated on May 25th, 2021

If you are new to the world of online gaming and would like to know how to join a online casino site then you have come to the right place! This guide is dedicated to giving you all the information that you might need to start your online gambling career!

Finding the Right Casino

The process itself is quite simple, and there are tons of online casinos available to you today. However, it’s not advisable to just click on the first casino site you see. Casinos differ and so do their offerings. Your goal is to find the best casino for you. This begins by asking yourself what it is that you want. Are you looking to win real money or do you only want to have fun? Regardless of the reason, you should always look for casinos that are licensed and actually offer the games that you want to play. You should also find a casino that has payment options that you are familiar with.

How to Join A Casino

Here’s a summary of all other things that you should consider:

Before signing up, you must find out how you are able to access the games the casino offers. Generally, games are accessible in four ways:

  • Via mobile browser
  • Via mobile app
  • Via desktop (no download)
  • Via desktop (software download)

Mobile functionality is a big trend recently, so always choose a mobile casino that allows you to play on your smartphone and one that is compatible with most operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. Our tip: If you find a casino that offers all four access options, choose that casino.

How to Join a Casino

The registration process isn’t too much of a hassle either. Casinos usually have a big play now, sign-up or register button clearly displayed on their homepage. To join, you simply click on that button and you will be directed to a new page where you will have to fill in some details about yourself. These details include your name, contact details, and address. Our tip: Before you register a casino account, first create a separate email account and give that email address to the casino when you register. This way you separate work and personal emails with your gambling stuff.

The next step in the registration process is to create a username and password. People sometimes decide on funny names to use as a username, but don’t go too overboard with this. Keep in mind that you might at some point play at a multi-players online table or in a live game or tournament so make sure you are happy with the name you’ve chosen for yourself. Usernames cannot be changed.

You must also create a password that’s difficult enough so nobody can crack it, yet easy enough to remember. You can also save your password someplace else like on your phone or desktop, but that’s risky behavior.

Top 5 Casinos to Join

Here are our top five recommendations on casinos to join. Our review process when selecting these casinos is quite tight and we are confident that you’ll have the best experience there.

Rank Casino Welcome Bonus Reviewh
1 Cherry Gold $7500 Cherry Gold Play
2 Jackpot City $1600 Jackpot City Play
3 All Slots $1500 All Slots Casino Play
5 spin casino $1000 Spin Casino Play


Join a Casino and Play

Creating login credentials concludes the sign-up process and you should be a registered member of the casino thereafter. We like to slowly ease our way into new experiences. So, if your intent is to play casino games to make money then we suggest you start off by testing the games first. Most casinos allow you to play in free mode which is great for trial runs. Only after you are confident in the casino, and you know how to play the game should you make a real money deposit. We hope this how-to-join-a-casino guide helped, good luck!

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