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How Do You Always Get 6 On a Dice?

Recently updated on October 20th, 2021

Dice games are tricky because the outcome of any given roll is very reliant on luck. We’ve all experienced the frustration and misfortune of rolling low numbers like 3s and 2s when you desperately need a 6. You may also have wondered if there are techniques that you can use when rolling the dice to ensure your desired outcome.

Well, we looked into this, and while nothing is guaranteed, you won’t lose anything for simply trying these techniques to see if they work.

The Bowling Technique

The bowling technique refers to a special manner in which you hold and launch the dice onto the table. Think about how you hold a ball in bowling- two of your fingers are gripping and launching the ball, thus controlling the direction it goes. The same logic applies here.

How to Roll a 6 Every Time

To improve your chances of rolling a 6, you must hold the dice at the numbers on the opposite side to 6 and 1. Similarly, if you want to roll any other number (2, 3, 4 and 5), you have to hold the dice where the 1 and 6 are.

Roll a Loaded Dice

This is an unethical way of doing things, and if you are caught, you could face serious consequences. But, a loaded dice refers to a dice whose material has been tampered with in an effort to produce a certain outcome.

Every dice has six sides, and each side has 6 visible dots printed on them. To load the dice, you will drill out one of the holes and insert a heavier material to make the dice more likely to land on that side face down. In this case, if you would like to improve your chances of rolling a 6, you will load the dice on number one since it’s on the opposite end of  6. The number one will then be heavier, making the dice more likely to land on that side face down.

Use A Microwave Dice

This technique is probably the silliest of the bunch. It requires that you put the dice in the microwave with the number you want to roll facing up. You have to put it in there long enough to melt the bottom number lightly without deforming the dice. The idea is for the bottom part of the dice to become heavier so that the number on its opposite end (your desired number) rolls easier. Now whether or not these techniques work or are practical is debatable.

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