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How Long Do Online Bingo Games Last?

Recently updated on December 20th, 2021

Most online bingo games last for 10 to 15 minutes. This is not different from when you play bingo at bingo halls. The difference is that you will be playing against an RNG which gives random results. However, bingo games can last up to three to four hours.

These game sessions will have intermissions to relax until the next round. This applies to games that are played at bingo halls. Online bingo games have much quicker gameplay which means that the games will only be a few minutes max for each round.

how long bingo game last

Consider Game Length When Choosing a Game

The length of an online bingo game can also be affected by the number of balls used. If a game has fewer balls, the gameplay will be shorter. Games such as the 52-ball bingo and speed bingo will last approximately 10 minutes or less. While 90 ball and 75 ball bingo can be exactly 10 minutes or more.

Knowing how long an online bingo game lasts can help improve your gaming experience. However, it does not affect the game’s outcome and gives you a better chance to win. Here are the main reasons why knowing the length of a bingo game can help your gaming experience.

Plan Your Sessions

When you know how long a game lasts, you will know how many sessions you can join. If you play online bingo on your mobile device, that is more reason for you to plan your sessions because you will be playing on the go. You can choose to join a 10-minute game if your travelling lasts for that same time.

Manage Your Bankroll

You will manage your bankroll better when you know how long each bingo game lasts. You will decide how many games you will play in a session and budget according to that. If you are playing multiple cards, this can also help find out its cost. It is best to place lower stakes and vice versa for a bigger bankroll when you have a low bankroll.

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