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How to Win a Million Dollars with A $5 Dollar Side Bet

Recently updated on February 16th, 2022

Who knew you could win a million dollars playing Caribbean stud with only a single $5 side bet? A lucky player at Venetian Las Vegas won a million dollars from a single $5 bet late 2018. Sands millionaire progressive was a new progressive option on several table games that the casino had developed.

The jackpots began at one million dollars and grew as more players put side bets. Players may win the jackpot prize for as little as $5 bet. Little did they know that that the prize money would be won in less than two weeks. We’ll show you how to win a million dollars from this game in the below.

Win a Million Dollars

Win a Million Dollars with 1 Bet

The Sands Millionaire Progressive Jackpot is one of Las Vegas’s largest progressive prizes linked to table games. The Sands Millionaire Progressive is offered at The Venetian Casino to players who deposit a $5 side wager when you earn a Royal Flush while playing progressive table games at The Venetian and The Palazzo. Some of the games that are eligible for this jackpot prize include

How to Win a Million Dollars

Before you can even consider winning the jackpot, you must be able to play any of the games available above That involves taking the time to discover the game that suits you best and learning the ropes of this casino game. This prize was won playing Caribbean stud poker at first. This is why, when it comes to winning the progressive jackpot, many players would choose this casino game.

Although it is not as popular as the ultimate Texas hold’em game, which is when the jackpot was won for the second time, it is nevertheless an entertaining casino game to play. Both games are equally as exciting.


Kevin Ripski from Ontario, Canada was the first guest to win the jackpot. Kevin Ripski, who is staying at the Venetian, wagered $5 on a side bet while playing Caribbean stud poker and won $1,114,079.

A few days later, a player from Texas who sought anonymity made the $5 bet at the same the casino site, and won $1,018,472.

The Palazzo casino was the site of the sixth progressive jackpot win, and the player also preferred anonymity. To be honest, we can’t blame them; after all, who wouldn’t want to stay under the radar after winning so much money? This player was the winner, and the stake was also $5.

Final Thought

We recommend that you practice these casino games at a top online casino in order to prepare yourself to make a million dollars from the side bet. The best part is that you can play these games for free before playing for real money at the casinos we recommend. After you’ve gotten used to their gameplay, you can go on to the real money games before heading to those casinos to win $1000000 on a $5 bet.

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