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Is Gambling Really Random?

Recently updated on July 28th, 2021

Yes, gambling can be random when the casino uses the Random Number Generator (RTG). What’s more, independent organizations must be audited to ensure that it continues to be random. When a casino game is random, the game’s result is not present and is chosen at random by the software.

This applies to when you play slots and video poker machines at land-based casinos. While at online casinos, the randomness applies to all the casino games, excluding those played with a live dealer.

is gambling really random

Being Random and Unpredictable

Most casino games work on chance and skill. The randomness of the game gives all players the same chance of winning the game. While skill work at an individual level. If it is your lucky day, you will win. Or, if you use skill to improve your chances of winning, you might just win.

So, the RNG works to give all players the same playing field. The results of each game will be independent and not be influenced in any way by the previous game. What’s more, it will also influence the game that is coming. Being random means that nothing can be predictable, and there will not be any patterns.

Determining the Winner

Chance is what determines a winner for most casino games. For example, casino games such as slots and craps are based 100% on luck. The results of the games will be random, and the same goes for losing.

In casino games where you can use strategies, then it is not all 100% luck. So, the decisions that the player makes can affect who gets to win the game. However, there is still luck playing a part to a certain extent. That is because when you use a strategy, there is still no guarantee that you will win. Another player can simply make better decisions than you and win the game.


Gambling is random when the casino or sports betting site uses RNG because that makes the results random. What’s more, the gambling sites need to have the software often audited to ensure that it remains random.

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