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Is There a Trick to Rolling Dice?

Yes, there is a trick in rolling the dice. It doesn’t matter what kind of dice game you are playing; many believe that there is an art to how you roll the dice. Some even consider that the way you roll the dice can be a way to cheat the game.

Because of this, you find players who can roll a 7 or 11 consistently over several rolls. You can practice the rolling techniques that can help you roll the dice better. However, there are also ways that some players will roll the dice but as a way to cheat the game and win.

Continue reading below to find out some of the techniques that you can use to roll the dice. The tricks apply to most dice games.

rolling dice

Loaded Dice

A dice to be loaded will be drilled into on the side it should land on the most. In most cases, it will be on the six dots where it is drilled. It will be filled with something heavy. These loaded dice are available to buy on the internet or at the casino. You will have to shuffle them with the regular ones so that the other players don’t pick up on them.

In other cases, the shape of the dice will be changed slightly so that it can roll on the side that is favoured.

Microwaved Dice

As you might have guessed with this trick requires you to heat the regular dice in the microwave. You will need to put the side of the dice with the value that you want facing up. Set the timer on three to five seconds and heat the dice. This technique melts the bottom of the dice, making the side you put face up lighter and most likely to be rolled.

However, you will have to make sure that the melted part is not easily visible.

Controlled Throw

When you use this trick, you will have to know how to throw the dice in a certain way to get you the results you want. You will have to learn different ways to throw the dice and practice to master the controlled throw. There are already ways that most people know to control the throw of the dice.

You can try the trick where you hold the dice in a specific way. You will put your index finger on the number one and your thumb on the number six. Then throw the dice while controlling the way it is thrown. You will attempt to throw the dice to land on those numbers you put your fingers on.

The same method will work if you also want to roll the other numbers. So, you will be placing your index and thumb on opposite numbers on the dice.

Cheating the Dice Roll

All the techniques we have mentioned above are ways to cheat the rolling of the dice. However, they are all considered to be illegal and apply when you are playing at land-based casinos. If you are playing at online casinos, there is no way to attempt any of these tricks.

You will have no control over the dice that is being rolled because you are not the one rolling the dice. The RNG will roll for you, and the outcome of the roll will be random.

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