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Is Video Poker the Same as Poker?

Recently updated on June 8th, 2021

Yes, video poker and poker games are different. Many players can easily confuse them to be the same because they both have poker in their names. However, there are several differences that these games have that separate them from being the same.

Do you stand a better chance of winning at video poker if you are a good poker player? We answer this question and others in our article about the differences between video poker and poker. This can also help you choose which game you can play.

Is Video Poker the Same as Poker?

The Difference Between Video Poker and Poker

As we have mentioned, there are a few differences between these two casino games. See them listed below:

1.      Video Poker is a Poker-Themed Slot Game

Video poker is designed to be more similar to slots than it is poker. So, the game is themed to be like poker but plays like a slot machine. What’s more, it is made to benefit the house in the long run. It is also made to have a specific payout percentage in the same that slot machines are.

2.      Skill Element in Poker Affects the Payout

There is no set payout percentage for poker games. Instead, you get paid out based on how much you bet and the kind of hand you used to win. What’s more, if you use skill, you can improve your chances of winning with a better hand.

You can also use skills when playing video poker, but you will only get the maximum payout of the game.

However, do keep in mind that all casino games are also based on luck. Therefore, even if you use your skill, there is still no guarantee that you will win.

3.      Video Poker has a Simple Gameplay

When playing video poker, you need to build a winning hand from the five cards that you are dealt. Discard the cards you don’t want from the initial five dealt and see if you can’t get a winning hand. Your only strategy is to know which cards to discard to build our winning hand.

With poker, there are specific rules that you must follow to play the game. What’s more, you can use strategies that will also help get your hand to win. As a result, it requires a bit more effort than you would when playing video poker.

4.      Betting Limits differ Between Poker and Video Poker

When playing video poker, the limits are based on how many credits you want to bet. However, the machines do offer maximum credits that you can bet. Depending on the variation you bet on, the maximum credits you can bet are five, giving you a payout of 4000 coins for a royal flush hand.

In poker, the limits also differ per game, but there are no limits in some of the games, which means you can bet however much you want. This means that you can bet your whole bankroll if you want, even though this is not recommended. Some poker games place a limit based on the maximum pot size, and some might have a fixed limit.

Which Game is Better?

There are benefits to playing both games. However, you can decide based on the kind of player you are. If you are a social player, then poker is the right game for you. You will get to play with other players or even friends. On the other hand, if you prefer playing alone, then video poker is a better choice. So, the better game depends on what kind of gaming you are looking for.

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