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The Lion’s Heart Self Help Group is a Kenyan charity that is suing David Baazov for embezzling money that was meant for aiding the charity. The former CEO is not the only one implicated in this lawsuit; his former execs Benjamin Ahdoot and Daniel Sebag are also involved. According to a report by Business Daily Africa, the three former Amaya execs and their Kenyan subsidiary embezzled Sh73m that was meant for Lion’s Heart.

kenyan charity sues ex amaya ceo

Lawsuit Details

Business Daily has reported that Amaya Gaming Group (K) Ltd had agreed that 25% of their earnings would be sent to the charity. The earnings were coming from the lottery operations that they were running through the Kwachu Mamilli Lottery. However, the company has failed to give the funds to Lion’s heart.

The NIC Bank is also implicated in the lawsuit for working with Baazov. The bank allowed him to open accounts, which he used to load the money meant for Lion’s Heart.

Kennedy Odhiambo Nyagudi from Amaya Kenya is in full support of Lion’s Heart; claiming that he and Baazov were the only people authorised to open bank accounts for the company. He also claims that the NIC bank was aware of that information and still allowed Ahdoot and Sebag to open accounts.

Way Forward for Kenyan Charity

Some rumours started back in 2012 about possible fraud allegations in the Amaya Kenya operations. According to the charity, Amaya gave them only a fraction of the money that they owed them. Brian Steppens who was the director at the time said the allegations of fraud were false and Amaya is transparent about their operations.

With regards to the latest case, there is a hearing that is scheduled to happen on December 5th.

David Baazov Legal Cases

It seems that 2017 is not a good year for David Baazov. He is involved in a couple of incriminating cases including this recent Kenyan charity case.

A day after the Kenya hearing he will be in Quebec for the case on the insider trading charges for acquiring PokerStars in 2014. A Dubai investor is suing him for failing to raise enough money to buy Amaya with him. David Baazov has sold all his Amaya shares and had no stake in the company.

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