Latvia will host its iGaming conference, the Riga Gaming Congress

Online Casino » Latvia will host its iGaming conference, the Riga Gaming Congress

Riga is the town chosen to host the first-ever iGaming conference for the country of Latvia. The congress will be a platform to discuss the future of online gaming in the country. Topics will be about online and land-based casinos, fantasy sports betting, bookmaking, augmented and virtual reality, eSports, and other topics.

The event will take place on the 12th of October this year. Various industry experts will there as part of the speakers for the day about topics mentioned above. Riga is the city of choice for this event, and the venue is at the Bellevue Park Hotel Riga.

latvia host the riga gaming congress

Riga Gaming Congress Information

Latvia entered the iGaming industry back in 2000, and since then there have been some challenges. However, the industry continues to grow. The congress aims to address the potential, the development and the expansion of the industry.

From the Riga Gaming Congress website, you will get more information about the line-up of all the speaker, buying tickets and the various exhibitors. The coordinators of the events are Smile Expo. They are known for the years of experience that they have in organising gaming events.

Latvia iGaming

In 2016, online gaming had a revenue of €18 million. This was attributed to the increase in the slots video gaming and betting. International gaming providers have also started showing interest in the market in Latvia.

However, the government does not take this topic very lightly as we have seen that if online gambling sites do not meet the requirements, they will be blocked. Latvia players do have regulated and approved sites where they can enjoy online gambling.

Playtech entered Latvia to build a live casino in the Riga City. The country not only has potential regarding players gambling but for business opportunities as we have seen with Playtech.

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