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List of Top Canadian Poker Players

If you have ever wondered if there are any Canadian poker players who make money playing professionally, the answer is Yes. There are several pro poker players that hail from the great white north. Not only do they bring in the big winnings, but they also hold prestigious records with the WSOP.

In 2017, Canadian poker players had won a total of 54 WSOP bracelets, with one player being a 6-time WSOP bracelet winner. The first bracelet to be won was in 2018 by Tim Andrew. Since then, there have been many top Canadian poker players to be placed among the top ranked poker players in the world.

Below we take you through the journey of some of the best Canadian poker players who are proudly Canadian. They have all made a name for themselves in live and online poker. Also, these are some of the highest-ranking players on the WSOP database for all time poker earnings.

Canadian Poker Players

Rankings of Canadian Poker Players

It is no secret that if you take time honing your skill, you could become a millionaire from playing poker. In fact, some Canadian Poker Players have made more than 10 million playing poker at a professional level. Poker is a game of skill and once you have figured out how to play, you can easily start winning. Whether you are playing poker at a land-based poker room or online poker, you stand a good chance of walking away with some cash.

We did some digging to find pro Canadian Poker Players that have become millionaires from the game. Not only are they from Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland but these are the top ten highest earning players from Canadian.

  1. Daniel Negreanu – $ 42,161,307
  2. Timothy Adams – $ 24,330,803
  3. Sam Greenwood– $ 22,534,203
  4. Jonathan Duhamel – $ 18,012,110
  5. Daniel Dvoress – $ 15,904,694
  6. Mike McDonald – $ 13,314,190
  7. Sorel Mizzi – $ 12,700,539
  8. Michael Watson – $ 12,117,331
  9. Peter Jetten – $ 9,328,639
  10. Mike Leah – $ 7,962,978

Highest Earning Canadian Poker Player

If you are on a quest of being one of the best poker players in Canada, you have heard of Daniel Negreanu. Daniel is from Ontario and started his professional poker career when he was only 23. He earned himself the nickname Kid Poker and has since become a household name.

Daniel has made more than $39.8 million in live poker tournament winnings. He has 6 WSOP bracelets, 116 WASOP cashes and 34 online wins. His first big win was in 1997 at the World Poker Finals and he has not slowed down since then. By 2020 he had made $153,803 in online poker wins and $14,923,114 from live tournament.

pro poker CA

Canadian Female Poker Players

Some of the most under rated poker players are females, luckily Canada has a number of female pro poker players. These women have managed to play the game well and win big. They have been able to cement their place in various ranking list as well as being some of the highest earning poker players.

  1. Kristen Bicknell – the Ontario player has won 3 WSOP bracelets and $ $1,278,147 in live tournament winnings. Kirsten has currently made just over $5 million from pro poker.
  2. Xuan Liu – with just over $1 million in poker earnings, Xuan has played in a number of popular poker games
  3. Isabelle Mercier – according to The Hendon Mob, Isabella has total earnings of $1,233,911 from poker. She is also a poker commentator and poker writer.
  4. Kara Scott – Kara is a party poker team member and has made about $664,795 from playing poker.
  5. Carla Sabini – the Montreal based player has made total earnings of $559,415 from live poker tournaments and games.

Play Poker like a Pro

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