Loto-Québec Offers a Different Kind of Support for Lottery Winners

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Each year approximately 1 500 gambling players win the local lottery prizes in Quebec. These players win a surplus of C$25k. Loto-Québec offers the winners support after they have been given their winnings. However, the lottery service provider wants to take help the winners further.

They have teamed up with the Foundation Jasmin Roy Group. The purpose of the partnership is to use virtual reality to educate winners on the real-life challenges they may come across. Loto-Québec will use the VR tool to showcase the various scenarios and how to deal with each situation.

Loto-Québec uses virtual Reality to Help Lottery Winners

Some of the Challenges Winners Encounter

Usually, when there is a lottery winner, their name and picture will be published in local media. As a result, a lot of people will approach them for various reasons to get money from them. There are different situations, and challenges that lottery winners can experience and the most common are the following:

  • Family and friends asking for assistance
  • Con artists offering risky investments
  • Charities asking for donations
  • Offers of financial assistance

The above is some of the scenarios that the VR tool will address. In more serious situations, a lottery winner in Georgia was killed in his home in the attempt to get his winnings.

Latest Loto-Québec Lottery Winning

Last week the Powerball jackpot was at $758.7 million and Mavis Wanczyk is the winner of the big prize. This is the second biggest jackpot after the 2016 jackpot of $1.6 billion which was won by 3 players. Wanczyk is the single lottery of a big jackpot in North America.

He is already experiencing an influx of people visiting his hometown trying to find him for financial assistance. The police are monitoring the situation at the winner’s residence.

Lot-Québec plans to help people like Wanczyk deal with these kinds of situations using virtual reality.

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