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Two Mega Moolah winners hit the progressive jackpot days apart. Mega Moolah is one of the most loved and favourite progressive jackpot casino games. It is also known by the ‘million Maker’ name. There have been many winners in the past, and it continues to make millionaires.

2017 seems to be a good year for many of the game’s players. Apart from February, there has been a lucky Mega Moolah winner every month.

a lucky mega moolah winner

€7.7 Million Mega Moolah Winner

The lucky player was playing at the Unibet Casino when they hit this massive jackpot of €7.7 million (C$1.130 Million). This casino player was playing a slot game on 25 September. The prize became the second biggest jackpot of 2017 so far.

Earlier in April, another lucky Mega Moolah winner hit the €8 million (C$1.200 Million) jackpot playing form their mobile phone.

Recent Mega Moolah Winner

On 1 October another player got lucky and hit the Mega Moolah jackpot that was at €1.4 million (C$206 Million). It makes it the second shortest days between the jackpots hit on the progressive jackpot casino game.

The one that claims the first spot was from two players back in 2013. One hit the jackpot on 5 May, and five days later on 10 May, there was another winner.

2017 Mega Moolah Payouts So Far

As we have mentioned, there has been a winner every month this year except in February. Below are the payouts for the lucky Mega Moolah winners:

  • January: €6 Million (C$ 884 Million)
  • March: €6.6 Million (C$ 973 Million)
  • April: €8 Million (C$1.200 Million)
  • May: €3.7 Million (C$545 Million)
  • June: €1.5 Million (C$221 Million)
  • July: €1.7 Million (C$251 Million)
  • August: €5.1 Million (C$752 Million)
  • September: €7.7 Million (C$1.130 Million)
  • October: €1.4 Million (C$206 Million)


The first Mega moolah winner was in April 2008 taking home $5.5 million. Since then there have been many lucky millionaire winners. The game continues to excite many casino players in Canada and around the world. The game was created by the leading software provider Microgaming. It offers players a Safari gaming experience. Play this casino game at any of the online casinos for real money listed on our site and see if you luck will be on your side.

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