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Most Famous Canadian Gamblers

Canada may not be the world’s trendiest country, and the world’s Hollywood stars might not all reside here. But we sure do have a few world-class gamblers. The poker boom in the early 2000s certainly encouraged many people to play, and many of those players have become famous since then. We list 10 of the most recognized gamblers in Canada of all time. The list includes a mix of OGs and newbies to the world of gambling both online and offline.

Top 10 Canadian Gamblers

  1. Daniel Negreanu (Born 1974)
Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu takes the top spot on our list of famous Canadian poker players. He is by far the most rewarded poker player in Canada with 6 WSOP bracelets and a 2004 Card Player Magazine player of the year award.  He also has 2 WPT wins. He was earned more than $32m since he first started playing. Apparently, his poker face is really good and he’s good with words too. Daniel plays online poker, offline poker, and tournament games.

  1. Guy Laliberté (Born 1959)

Guy Laliberte is a 62-year-old professional poker player who lives in Quebec. His biggest win to date is $696,220 which he won playing poker at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. He has won other money over time and has made it a tradition to donate a portion of all his winnings to charity.  But Guy wasn’t always a famous poker player. He spent most of his young adulthood building Cirque du Soleil – an entertainment company, also known for hosting world-class circus events.

  1. Evelyn Ng (Born 1975)
Evelyn Ng

Evelyn Ng, a 46-year-old woman has done a fantastic job at representing female gamblers in Canada. She was born In the Canadian capital city of Toronto and has played professional poker for many years. Her net winnings to date are more than $375,000 and are known as being an aggressive poker player. Evelyn participates in many poker events and has made many appearances in WSOP tournaments.

  1. Michael McDonald (Born 1989)

Michael McDonalds represents the younger generation of online players. Michael was born in Toronto and has been playing poker games since high school. His biggest cash out was $10,000,000 and made a prior $300 000 before he turned 18. Rumour has it he bought a Lamborghini with his poker winnings and won his first-ever poker tournament at 18 years old.

  1. Jonathan Duhamel (Born in 1987)
Jonathan Duhamel

The fifth spot in our famous Canadian gamblers list goes to another young player named Jonathan who was born in Boucherville, Quebec. He was the title winner in the 2010 WSOP series where he won $8,900,000. He donated $100,000 of his winnings to a Canadian Children’s Funds which not only makes him a strong player but a charitable role model too.

  1. John Lefebvre (Born 1951)

John is a regular online gambler that has won decent amounts of money throughout his career. But that’s not the only reason why he makes it onto this list. John also founded Neteller, one of the most commonly used e-wallet services at online casinos today. His casino money transfers using Neteller got him in trouble with the US government at some point, but he was able to wiggle himself out of trouble with a down payment.

  1. Monica Reeves
Monica Reeves

Monica Reeves, our second female entry has certainly made a name for herself in the gambling industry. She is most famous for winning the popular television show called Ultimate Blackjack Tour. Before she became a pro player, she was a model and is recognized as one of the most good-looking pro players. Her total earnings amount to $40,000 thus far with more to come.

  1. Calvin Ayre (Born 1961)

Calvin Ayre is another bold entry into our list of popular Canadian gamblers. In addition to being an online gambler, Calvin is also the founder of Bodog and has bought for a whopping $5,500,000 from its previous owners too. He is known for being a fiery businessman who has was previously given a feature in Forbes magazine. His reputation grew stronger every since.

  1. Mike Watson (Born 1984)
Mike Watson

Mike was born in St John’s and was first recognized when he won the Bellagio Cup in 2008 which bagged him $1,630,000. His overall earnings have increased to $6,700,000 since then. Mike continues to make a name for himself playing live and online poker. He also regularly participates in poker tournaments and tours.

10. Robert Cheung (Born 1970)

Our second last spot goes to Robert Cheung who was born in China but later moved to Vancouver. He made a name for himself when he beat another famous Canadian gambler named Richard Murnick which earned him a WSOP bracelet. Robert has earnings of over $3 500 00 frim both live and online poker games.

Famous Canadian Poker Players

Well, there you have it, our list of famous Canadian gamblers who has won millions playing mostly poker online or live. If you are an aspiring professional poker player, we hope you’ve been inspired by their stories. But until then, feel free to visit any of our poker sites to start playing real money poker today.

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