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Belgium is a country that is known to have strict laws and regulations when it comes to the gambling industry.

In an attempt to prevent young adults from getting involved in online gambling, the Belgium’s Christian Demographic and Flemish Party (CD&V) wants to raise the online gambling age.

Currently, the minimum age restrictions for national lotteries and online sports betting is at 18 while online casinos is at 21. The party seeks to increase it from 18 to 21 on all kinds of online gambling.

The legalisation of various forms of games of chance in Belgium was in 1991. However, the law was amended 11 years later because of the growing demand for online gambling.

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CD&V’s Reasons for the Online Gambling Age Change

In the past years, there was a study that was conducted around gambling. In the study, it was revealed that one out five young adults of the ages 17 and 18 had gambled on the internet. This was very alarming to the CD&V party. Hence the decision to petition to change the minimum online gambling age.

Among the 17 and 18 years old who gambled online, they were mostly betting on sports. CD& V wants to protect this part of the population from excessive and irresponsible gambling.

Other Online Gambling Laws

Recently there was a law that was passed for the restriction in gambling advertising on television. However, ads that are allowed to air have to include the problem gambling caution. If the gaming commission feels that the advert is excessive in promoting gambling, they will not be allowed to be aired.

Justice Minister Koen Geens suggests that the ads be banned from airing before 8pm and also during sports games. This just another law that he is petitioning to pass. However, Minister Geens wants a complete ban on gambling adverts.


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