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Phil Ivey has been involved in a long legal case with the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. In the judgment of the case that was handed to this well-known baccarat player, he was ordered to pay $10 million. According to the case, Ivey had used a strategy of card counting which is not allowed at the casino, and that’s how he won the game.

In recent events, the Borgata casino has decided to get Gemaco, a card manufacturer, to reimburse them for the money that Phil Ivey has won. They are stating that it is because of a flaw in their cards that give him the edge.

Phil Ivey and Borgata Hotel Casino Case

Phil Ivey and Chen Yin Sun’s Plans

According to news reports about the case, Chen Yin Sun knew about the defects on the Gemaco cards that were going to be used. She made Phil Ivey aware of the fault and told him that she could be able to read the cards. As a result of this information, Ivey had the edge over the casino and eventually winning the game together with Chen Yin Sun.

If Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa had ensured that the cards they were using had no defects, this would not have been the case. As a result, they cannot necessarily hold Ivey accountable for their negligence.

These case developments can change the course of the case for both. Phil Ivey was working on appealing the previous ruling against him at the US Third Circuit of Appeals. Unfortunately, he will have to wait until the legal case between Borgata casino and the Gemaco manufacturer has been settled.

Borgata and Gemaco Case

In the legal case between the two brands, there is no indication of what the verdict may be. However, if Borgata wins the case, the card manufacturer will have to pay them $10 million. If this happens, there is still no clear indication of whether the casino will pay the money to Phil Ivey or not.

We will have to wait to see how the events of this case will pan out and see to whom the money in question will be paid out.


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