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PokerStars will be introducing Winning Moments in the upcoming World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). This will be specifically done for players who will be playing the No Limit Hold’em tournament.

Winning Moments will be personalised videos of gamblers making a deep run when playing this popular casino game. PokerStars aims to improve the gaming experience for players at the event.

In the videos, there will be the amount won, fascinating hands, big posts and many other aspects of the tournament. At the end of the event players from the final table will receive their video.

pokerstars introduces winning moments

How the Winning Moments came About

The plan is to give players a unique gaming experience during and after the tournament. They will be able to share their gaming moments with friends and family which extends the experience. This is according to the director of poker innovations and operations at PokerStars.

Players will receive a link to their video sent to their emails after the tournament has ended. They will be able to share the link on all social media platforms.

Winning Moments has already had a test run with Jaime Staples who is a Twitch streamer. He featured on the Winning Moments when he was claiming a victory in Hot $33. Twitch is a live video streaming site where gamblers play casino games.


This innovation that PokerStars is working on will enhance player’s experience and create an even bigger following. However, because this idea is still in developing stages, players must expect to be errors.

Reporting the errors will help PokerStars to fix them and improve this service that they are going to offer players. Even player receive the link on their emails, should they experience any errors, it is advisable to let PokerStars aware to they can be able to fix them.

This is a great initiative that this leading poker room brand is undertaking. It will sure make for exciting gaming.

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