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PokerStars is not only known for giving online poker gamers a platform to enjoy this casino game, but it is also known for being innovative. Hence, it is one of the leading service providers in the online poker space. They have recently introduced the Power Up game based on the No Limit Hold’em game. However, this game has a twist where it allows players to guide how the hands play out.

Pokerstars new online poker game power up

Power Up Features

This new online poker version is a Sit & Go set up allowing three players at a time. The buy-ins vary, and all players must agree on the amount they want to wager.

All players get the same amount of chips before the start of the game. They will be dealt two cards together with three Power Up cards. However, players can only use the cards if they have enough energy levels.  Each player will have ten energy points at the start of the game.

The Power Up cards have the following functions should a player decides to use one:

  • Clone Card – Get a copy of the previous power played
  • Intel Card – Preview the top card on the deck
  • X-ray Card – Ask one of the players to reveal one card
  • Reload Card – Redraw both or one hole card
  • Scanner Card – Preview the two deck cards that are next
  • Upgrade Card – Pick a card and reject it
  • Disintegrate Card – Destroy a dealt card on the board
  • Engineer Card – Select a card from the tree cards from the deck and disposing of the two

Power Up Goes Live

PokerStars has launched the game, and it is available on their various online poker platforms. It will be available to play for real money with buy-ins ranging between $1, $3, $7 and $15. Power Up had gone for alpha testing between July and August. From the trial, PokerStars has received excellent feedback.

This Stars Group division continues to make online poker and exciting game to play. They continue to develop games that make for great gaming experience.


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